This Week's Issue
With the advent competitions now in full swing and us completing week one I hope you are all managing okay. I for one find them fun…. but full on!

The key to advents if you’re yet to win is to keep entering; the first week probably sees the most entries and after that it does tend to lower and this is simply because the month of December is busy and a lot of people’s enthusiasm for them dies down. They start with a bang; where loads of people are submitting entries over the first few days and then give up when they don’t win. Now us compers know the age old saying of ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ is very true and hard work pays off; so, keep at it SP’ers!

Over 500 advent competitions to be won!

Now before we start talking comps (advents specifically) I want you to cast your eyes over this; Coffee Break Bingo is a new site designed by compers especially for compers! Exciting! You can try your luck for as little as a penny or if you just fancy doing it for fun, well that’s free. On top of that there is a nice little community of compers where you can chat to others!