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This Week's Issue
I couldn’t quite believe my luck last week; after my early Twitter win I then won again on there! A prize of a hamper. After saying to you that I find that platform the hardest to win on, I maybe need to eat my words! It has encouraged me to enter more though and the one thing I like about Twitter retweets is you can see how many others have actually entered.

So, if you fancy trying your luck on social media make sure you keep an eye on this week’s updates; the team has already been finding a stash of comps for Wednesday and Friday’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram comps and I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag but there are some pretty good ones there already!

Escape to the Isle of Skye with this week's SP Xtra

I’ve won 3 prizes for July so far, which means the month has got off to a pretty good start. I always try and enter lots before the summer holidays as once the kids break up time is taken up with amusing them, holidays…and playing referee (for arguing siblings, not football related!). However, I do try and get the children involved in my hobby and both enjoy the anticipation of a possible win.