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This Week's Issue

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So, after feeling raring to go at the start of last week that soon passed and I spent most of it still recovering from my horrid infection with a banging headache to boot; this means I really have missed out on comping for the last few weeks! However, I think (fingers crossed) that I am 100% better now and I need to motivate myself and get back into the game! I’m hoping that today’s update should help do just that.


Heart's faces for Florida is back!

It’s nearly the weekend! It’s been a dreary old start to January for me; not helped by the fact that I spend the majority of last week ill. Roll on Spring – which I am sure you’re all thinking too. I have been trying to think up lovely summery thoughts by entering lots of ‘holiday’ competitions. And for those of you that aren’t yet aware, Heart has relaunched its famous ‘Faces for Florida’ competition.