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This Week's Issue

Drink some water for the chance to win a car!

We had such a lovely weekend; the boy turned 12 and we spent some great quality family time together. We jumped in the car and played crazy golf at Hastings followed by a yummy fish and chip lunch and then the weather was kind to us so we had a family BBQ on Sunday. All in all, a winning weekend that actually didn’t involve any prizes or comps ha-ha!


Win a weekend of fun with the family at Victorious Festival...

I’ve got a weekend of decorating ahead of me; as the nearly 10-year-old is having a bedroom re-vamp for her birthday at the end of June. So, although we’ve bought the paint and the bulky furniture, I would love to win some little trinkets to personalise it all for her. Hence, I am now on the look-out for comps that are offering vouchers, cash or home items!