Comp of the Week
Thinking of treating your kids to some snacks next time you’re at the supermarket? Well if you check out your Simply Prizes competitions today, that trip to the grocery store could win you a pretty sweet treat too - A BRAND NEW CAR! Even better, it could win you the car of your choice, worth up to £12,000!! What a fab prize! Whilst any car competition is fantastic, the fact you get to choose which car you’d like to drive away is pretty unique

Week Four - Summer Holiday Kid's comps!

We’re off to Jimmy’s Farm in Suffolk this weekend for a day out and are staying overnight at a nearby hotel, so the rest of this week will be spent catching up with work, household chores and packing. The kids are getting extremely bored of the summer hols now so I really can’t wait for our holiday at the end of next week. Luckily I've found some comps to keep them occupied - take a look at these. Plus, if you missed last week’s newsletter you'll find some more comps for the kids to enter.