Can modern technology make this childhood memory better?

After a 30 year wait Liverpool have won the title again, so the signed shirt by Jurgen Klopp would be a great win, but I reckon they could be a few entries for this. Having said that ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ and I don’t see many other opportunities to get hold of one.

In my search for a new barbecue one worth £1,200 would be a fantastic ‘result’ (sorry I couldn’t resist the football pun).

I lived in Kenya for a few years as a kid and one of the highlights was a trip to the ‘drive in’, looking back I don’t understand why, the queues were always massive and sound came from a tinny speaker you attached to the door, which never worked properly. So, I’d love to win tickets to a new drive in cinema experience and see what a difference modern technology has made to the experience.

Although I reckon with Covid-19 the queues could be even worse!

Lizzie has already entered the comp for a three-month subscription to Bloom & Wild Flowers.

My search to win a UK holiday has born no fruit yet, and this week’s competitions have raised a couple of questions, does a two-night stay at the Strand House, Portstewart Northern Ireland count?

I love Northern Island, and my son’s God Father hails from Derry, but I still don’t want to fly and two-day’s is a short time for a ferry trip. But I bet they would extend it if asked, so I’ll get my entry in.

I had similar questions about the four-night stay in the South of France, then I noticed it included flights, so there’s no point in driving all that way, but only a short flight, something to consider.

Then there’s the family riding holiday at the Island Riding Centre, Isle of Wight, no problem getting there but I hate horses. I suppose I don’t have to ride and the kids would enjoy, even if Lizzie wouldn’t be too impressed at the idea of having the majority of childcare while I ‘have’ to escape the horses (actually, it’s sounding better all the time…)

But the four-night self-catering break for up to six in rural Lancashire is just the thing. There’s also a luxury Devon stay for four and two nights at Thyme in the Cotswolds on offer.

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Good luck and stay safe