Could this be a great opportunity for us?

Let's start with a real 'man' prize, a 10-drawer-to-chest toolkit worth £739.95. Not that I intend to do anything with it if I won, but it would look great in the shed! I read that Fortum & Mason have had to stop trying to send their hampers into the EU, as EU customers are being a pain and refusing them. Hopefully this will be good for us and there will be more on offer as gifts if F&M have too much stock, there's one in this week's update as a start. A friend of mine worked in Bulgaria a couple of years ago, and pre-pandemic he was trying to get me out there, he said it was great and very cheap. I didn't make it but I wouldn't mind going so the holiday for two to Bulgaria with Balkan Holidays is very appealing. There aren't as many overseas holidays as normal in this issue but it's full of UK breaks including your perfect £5,000 weekend getaway. And there are also 4 x £1,500 Tesco gift cards on offer. Click here for all of this week's comps >> Stay safe and good luck.

Dave Gibson

Publisher, Simply Prizes