I call it child cruelty...

Child cruelty I would call it, but for some people winning the full Man Utd kit for their offspring would be a great prize. It reminds me of when my sister bought her son, a Blackburn fan, the Man Utd away top because she thought it 'looked nice'. The poor lad had to wear it to keep her happy (and take it off as soon as he got outside the house). 

When I explained the error of her ways, she just looked at me blankly and muttered something about 'being silly'. So that Christmas I bought my nephew the Blackburn top and my sister still couldn't understand why he thought it was so good and always wanted to wear it.

I love VIP competitions, and have sadly missed them during lockdown. However, this week we've found a cracker, £10,000 for your chosen day out. I'm not sure how you would spend £10k in day but it would be absolutely amazing planning it. 

There's also a great tech bundle up for grabs with a 50-inch TV, a Galaxy Note 20, a smart speaker, beanbags and a hamper.

With the new lockdown rules, you won't be enjoying this prize anytime soon, but waiting for it would make the enjoyment all the sweeter - a trip to Exmoor for up to eight.

All sides of lockdown are covered with the chance to win a year's supply of whisky, an e-bike worth £1,800 and an amazing £1,000 bike made of recycled material. There's also a year's subscription to a top streaming service.

When I was a kid one of our treats was fondue, meat or cheese I loved them both. I bought one for my kids when the biggest two were smaller and don't know what happened to it, so I'd love to win A STAUB cast iron fondue worth £179. It will be a lot posher than the cheap one I bought and might get everyone into the idea of enjoying them again.

I'm not a big fashion fan, the costs associated with designer gear always put me off, but I have always had a soft spot for Fat Face stuff, so I've already entered the one to win a £500 voucher.

All our homes have suffered during lockdown, so the £4,000 to spend on a new sofa would be welcomed by all.

There are also loads of holidays and short breaks this week, including a two-night stay at The Resident Covent Garden and a three-night family holiday in Lapland worth over £7,500.

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Stay safe and good luck