It could get messy!

The end of lockdown has started, I almost didn't believe it would happen, but my eldest daughter is going back to work at the restaurant this evening and she ate out with friends last night. Long may it last and let's hope all the stories about the Indian variant are just media hype.

And I think the promoters know we need to get out so how about this for a prize - a lunch, afternoon tea or dinner for 30 guests at Rudding House. I remember Sammy saying how much she enjoyed the champagne lunch she won and that was for just 8 people, with 30 people celebrating the end of lockdown; I think it could get messy!

When they describe this as - an Ultimate Away Day to Dubai - they aren't kidding, the 'day' actually lasts three days and from what I understand about Dubai, you are guaranteed sun.

If you want to stay at home there's £3,500 worth of living room furniture to be won, a gaming tech bundle to keep the kids quiet and the start of VIP prizes making a comeback with a Grand Prix Experience at the 2021 British Grand Prix.

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Stay safe and good luck.

Dave Gibson

Publisher, Simply Prizes