It's Advent Competition time

It's Advent Competition time, click on the Advent icon in the top menu bar and you will see more than 200 listed already and the team are busy, adding more as I write. Advents are hard work but worth it, but don't forget we added our normal update of over 150 brand new comps in yesterday's regular update as well. Including the chance to win a state of the art coffee machine, which will help as you get closer to Christmas and Advents become hard work. There's a sofa, dining table and bed on offer if you want to upgrade your house and the chance to see Coldplay at Wembley if it's experiences you want. You could also win a two week Caribbean cruise, this closes on the 6th Dec and would make the most amazing Christmas present. Sammy has recorded a video of her most recent spa win and I'll get this uploaded to YouTube in the next week, and if you would like to win something similar there are four different spa breaks on offer this week. But December is all about Advent Competitions, so click on the link below and get comping. Remember, keep your entries going, most people stop after a couple of days, the longer you keep entering, the better your chances of winning... Click here to start entering >> Stay safe and good luck!

Dave Gibson

Publisher, Simply Prizes