Live like the other-half do

It's a long time since I've been to watch a Six Nations game but when I was young, getting a ticket was almost impossible, if that's still the case then the pair of Six Nations tickets on offer this week will make someone very happy. And if you want to see how the other-half live there's a two-night stay at the Four Seasons Hampshire and a two-night staycation in Chelsea's hottest hideout, Sloane Place, listed this week. But be warned I was in a pub in the King's Road before Christmas and almost died when I saw how much they wanted for a pint! If you prefer something a bit more down to earth there's a holiday in Margate on offer, it's worth £1,000 so it can't be bad either. There's also a plant-based Mexican retreat worth £3,830. Now when I think of Mexican food, vegan isn't what springs to mind, so I reckon you could bet on being able to sneak away for a bit of meat without too much trouble. It's been so cold I'm not sure we will ever have a summer again, but if you are an optimist there's the chance to win a pair of sun loungers worth £1,949 and if you have actually enjoyed the weather there's a 14-night winter expedition cruise for two to Norway up for grabs. Much more to my liking is the £5,000 holiday to Antigua. There's also a year's supply of cards on offer, which given the cost of a greeting card is a much better prize than you might first think. And if you are in the market for greeting cards, The Postcard Store still have a few packs of their's left at the amazing price of £4.95 for 12 - click here for more information. And click here for this week's issue >> Good luck!

Dave Gibson

Publisher, Simply Prizes