Now would be a great time to win a holiday

Not sure if it's lockdown, the cold or Easter weekend, but I forgot to send this yesterday, please accept my apologies.

It won't help you or me, but you can win transatlantic flights for someone who has made you laugh during lockdown, I'm putting Lizzie forward, she definitely deserves a bit of Florida sun and hopefully she'll take me as well!

In my late teens/ early twenties I lived in Swansea and have great memories of camping in the Forest of Dean, I'd love the chance to go back in a bit more comfort with the two-night stay on offer as well. But I'd happily swap it for the trip to the Cayman Islands.

There's also a trip to the Isles of Scilly, I've never been and I'm not sure what there is there, but it's on my list of places I want to go and this summer would seem as good a time as any.

The kids want a fire pit for the garden, and with the amount of restrictions there are still probably going to be in place this year, I'm in agreement and one worth £2,400 is probably going to be a lot better than any I try and build myself.

We've also been talking about a UK city break this summer. Even if they let us fly, I just can't see Spain being the same until next year, so the five-night stay in Bath would be great.

There are loads of other UK and overseas breaks on offer including a £40,000 holiday home, with everything in the UK getting booked up and really expensive, winning your next holiday would be sweeter than ever at the moment.

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Stay safe and good luck.

Dave Gibson

Publisher, Simply Prizes