Should we have listed this or not?

I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights, but I've also always been a bit of a wuss when it comes to the cold. So in all my exploring I've never got further north than Edinburgh (and that wasn't in the winter).

But I'm beginning to think a cruise is the solution. I can look out of a warm cabin, venture out for a few cold minutes and retire to the bar thinking it was an expedition worthy of Shackleton.

And if I won the trip, I wouldn't even mind if I was wrong. You and I both have the chance to be lucky and find out this week with a seven-night cruise in the Norwegian Fjords.

I've been diligently collecting my Sun tokens to take my youngest to Legoland during the summer break, but when I went to book, all available Saturdays and every day in the holidays had already been taken. I assume this is a result of coming out of lockdown, everywhere is getting booked up superfast so the four tickets to Alton Towers in today's issue could be like gold dust.

When I first saw this comp, I assumed it was for a clothing brand I'd never heard of, but luckily the £1,000 headline made me take a closer look and it's actually for a posh holiday company. One that, thankfully, also doesn't take either the 'canopy' and 'stars' bit of their name too seriously. If you are looking for a luxurious UK break then happy hunting with the £1,000 Canopy & Stars voucher. 

There's also a luxury English Tudor escape for two and when we are allowed out, a luxury holiday to Greece.

After a fair bit of internal debate, we also have included prize draws for a coastal home in Devon worth over £3,000,000 and a Cotswold house worth over £2,500,000. We don't normally list competitions where you have to pay to enter and they are run as money making contests.

But we thought these were worth making an exception for. Firstly, they offer a postcard free entry route (I have one entry in already), it states on their website that 80% of the income they generate goes to the nominated charity, and that's a big percentage.

I also paid for an entry so we could let you know what happens, the discount coupon box is very obvious but I spent a decent amount of time searching for coupons but couldn't find one that works. The publicity also says each ticket costs less than £1, but you have to spend a minimum of £10 (for 15 entries). Statistically that means everyone has the same chance as if they bought one ticket for £10.

I'm not saying it's not worth it for a £3,000,000 house, just be careful how much you spend and think that if everyone is buying the same amount of tickets they aren't as 'cheap' as you might first think.

I'll leave you to make you own decision but if you strongly think we shouldn't or should list these sorts of competitions again, please drop me an email at:

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Stay safe and good luck.

Dave Gibson

Publisher, Simply Prizes