There's more to be won than Advents at the moment

I know the focus is on Advent Comps at the moment, and with the second round of them kicking in today the research team are hard at working adding new comps as we speak. But don't forget the Regular Comps! We've just added a whole new batch today. This close to Christmas and with Advent Comps to compete with there aren't as many stunning prizes as usual but who would say no to £500 to spend at London DE Fine Jewellery, a Mappin & Webb diamond necklace worth £1,000, £25,000 or a tasting collection of Scotch Whisky worth £1,000. The pair of self-charging headphones got me thinking, do they only charge if you are nodding your head to the music, do you have to dance down the street to get them going? Somehow I can't see me sitting at home listening to music working as a recharge! Talking of tech last time we met up as a family, my nephew brought along his VR headset and I was amazed at how it could 'trick' your mind. The graphics didn't look real but that didn't stop my brain from thinking I was on a real rollercoaster. And this was just a headset; so, imagine what the epic immersive VR experience for four would be like? And if you are looking for Christmas goodies there's a Fortnum & Mason Christmas hamper, a mystery Christmas box, a Christmas hamper and a Mavrik hamper and goodies all up for grabs. Click here for this week's update now >> Good luck!

Dave Gibson

Publisher, Simply Prizes