Why I have to be careful about getting grumpy

I’ve always wanted to take my youngest to the winter light festival at Blenheim Palace but never got round to it. This week there’s a comp to win a mid-week stay at Foxhill Manor, the question refers to Blenheim’s light festival, so I assume the Manor must be local.

My problem is, if I win then I want to escape the kids with Lizzie, not take them with me. Would I feel too guilty to do it? It would be nice to win and test myself.

I’m not much of a camping sort, and when I first heard about inflatable tents, I wasn’t sure if my lad was having me on. I mean, I picture a mini-bouncy castle, and it just doesn’t seem to work for me. But I understand they are real and you could win a four man inflatable blackout tent and a folding table and chairs set.

I’m still not convinced it would get me camping, in fact I wonder if you need the ‘blackout’ bit because it’s so uncomfortable you can’t get to sleep until dawn!

Now I have to be careful about being grumpy after Friday when I discovered that ‘Christmas and Halloween flavoured’ things weren’t what promoters had called them, Lizzie just couldn’t think of the word ‘themed’ and in her rush to get as many comps on as quickly as she could used ‘flavoured’ instead, so it was our own description I was slandering. But how about these two…

A Head & Shoulders hamper, I mean just thinking of dandruff and food is enough to stop me entering right now, they must be able to come up with a better description.

And then there’s the three-night Highland Safari experience for two, I missed Highland to start with and thought, why would they fly you anywhere in Africa for just three nights? I then worked out they weren’t going to fly you to Africa, it’s Scotland that’s on offer.

Now the promoters are technically right, I looked up safari in the dictionary and while safari usually refers to Africa, it can mean any trip to see wild animals. But are there enough wild animals in Scotland to be worth spending three days looking for them?

It’s a real outdoors issue this week with loads of trips away, equipment and related stuff, so even if you haven’t been that much of an outdoor person before, here’s your chance to get started for free.

There’s even a luxury gourmet ski weekend in the Italian Dolomites worth £2,000 on offer.

But if you aren’t an outdoors type and prefer just watching that sort of thing, as well as loads of other comps, you can win a copy of the Landscape Photographer of the Yearbook. I don’t know if you have seen some of the photos in the newspapers over the last few days, but they are amazing.

Not something you might ever have thought of, but that’s one of the joys of comping, the chance to win things you would never otherwise dream of.

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Best regards,

Dave Gibson