Win a 15-day Australian cruise with £2,000 thrown in!

I won another small prize last week; some Lily O’Brien’s sharing chocolates – they were delivered yesterday and I must admit I scoffed some whilst watching the football last night! Now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way I am on the look out for Mother’s Day comps; although this isn’t until the end of March, I have already spotted a handful doing the rounds. I love themed competitions as they are usually pretty good prizes and often require you to submit a photo or similar which can mean fewer entries (where others can’t be bothered) thus upping the chances for a win!

And talking of wins make sure to check out today’s update; there are quite a few prizes up for grabs that are on my wish list for 2019 so I’m pretty excited! My top picks this week are a Joie spin 360 signature car seat worth £299 (seeing as I’m due to be a Nanna in August), a glassblowing experience for two in London (which is quite an unusual thing to do and not something I have ever seen as a prize before), a 15-day Australian cruise with £2,000 in cash to treat yourself and a KitchenAid Misty Blue Stand Mixer, worth £699 (which would be a rather nice kitchen accessory!)

Also, don’t forget to head back to the site on Wednesday and Friday for your social media update of competitions.

Have a great week SP’ers. Stay lucky