Your chance to win an on the beach holiday worth a whopping £5k!

I’ve not had a win for September yet, although to be fair I’ve been a bit slack on entering over the last week so I only have myself to blame. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with choosing a new car… but, I’ve finally made a decision and pick up my new compmobile (it’ll take me on visits to scout out for shop to buy comps and hopefully accompany me on wins that require me to travel!) on Thursday. It’s a beauty, so feels like a win to me!

This week’s competitions...

And take a look at today’s update; plenty of wins to be had here - but my faves this week have got to be; an On The Beach holiday worth £5,000 (can you tell I’m missing the summer already?!); an Apple Watch Series 4 (which would be perfect for the hubby’s Christmas pressie); a ten-night stay for two in Sri Lanka worth £2,500 (I won a holiday here a few years back and I would love to go back); and a £1,000 FatFace gift card (which would kit the family out for the autumn/winter).

Plus, if you pop back on Wednesday and Friday, you’ll find your social media updates waiting to be entered.

Have a great week SP’ers - stay lucky!