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The hobby of entering UK competitions, or comping, has a rich history spanning over 100 years. A lot has changed in the UK competitions market lately, and we strive to stay up to date with the latest progressions and trends.

Every day there is thousands of pounds to be won by entering cash competitions. Promoters are giving away huge sums in cash, the only problem most of us have is finding them, and that’s where Simply Prizes comes in. Just imagine what you could do with £10,000, £20,000 or even more. Clear your debts, take that dream holiday or buy a new car, or just simply treat yourself without feeling guilty.

This is possibly the question I get asked most as an editor. And the answer is a resounding yes! If you would like to win internet competitions yourself, here are our top three tips to get your hands on the best prizes.

Slogan Competitions - harder to find but still worth entering In a recent issue of Simply Prizes, one of the Comping Hall of Fame inductees remarked that although she likes to give prominence to the slogan competitions, there just aren't so many around nowadays.

Simply Prizes has put together some usual articles around your favourite hobby - entering competitions. We hope you find them useful. Keep checking back we'll be adding more over the next few weeks

Can you really win money with competitions? What would you like to win? Luxury holidays? A brand new car? Or quite simply... would you like to win money to pay for them?

As we're all beginning to think about booking - or winning next year's holiday, it seems a good time to focus on avoiding travel scams. With the cost of living going up, despite your working just as hard, the thought of a free (or inexpensive) holiday sounds pretty appealing, doesn't it?

We take a look at how you can save money entering postal competitions plus some other comping tips. Save money on postal competitionsWHEN recession hits, we all start looking at ways of saving money. Unlike some pastimes, entering competitions doesn't require a lot of expensive equipment, but there are still certain outlays. So how can we save money but still get maximum enjoyment from our hobby?

The latest social networking craze is a brilliant way to win more prizes, and Kelly Dudley has got a basic guide to get you started Twitter burst on to the scene in 2006 and has quickly become one of the world's biggest websites! Twitter boasts over 175 million registered users, and generates around 65 million messages, or "Tweets" every day.

How to find competitions The only way to win competitions is to enter them. A common complaint held by those that don’t bother is that they never see any competition entry forms. Now this got me thinking. I can remember not so many years ago, I used to go into town with a rucksack, not for my shopping, but simply for all the competition entry forms I expected to collect.

Each month we discuss a big issue that is dividing the world of comping. This month, we decide whether kids competitions should be kept just for the kids

What ever happened to tie-breaker competitions? Martin Dove shares his thoughts… Fashion plays a part in all our lives, whether we like it or not, and competitions, like anything else need to keep up with the times we live in...

Competitions – win competitions with Simply Prizes With Simply Prizes you can enter some of the most exciting competitions and win amazing prizes. We've got online competitions, postal competitions, and competitions for kids and so much more.

Online competitions are part of the way history is been re-written by the web. The rise of the internet has been the most defining feature of the 21st Century so far. It has changed the way we look for things, shop and interact with friends and family.

Simply Prizes is the UK's favourite comping magazine, helping those who love entering competitions win the prizes of their dreams for over eight years. Simply Prizes is a one-stop shop for the best competitions, prizes, advice, and information on the exciting and rewarding world of comping. Our team of experts track down over 500 of the UK's best competitions every month, so you'll never miss out on a big prize again.

Win Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere Tickets! The premiere date for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is set for 14 November 2012, and we can’t wait. Will Kristen Stewart and the delectable Robert Pattinson be all loved up in time for the red carpet? Can Taylor Lautner get any more handsome? Is the ending going to give lovers of the book the thrill that they have been patiently waiting for?

Win a holiday - we show you how! win a holiday with Simply Prizes.If you are tired of flicking through travel brochures and picturing yourself lying on a sun lounger sipping an umbrella filled cocktail… then realising that you could never afford such a holiday?

The hobby of entering UK competitions, or comping, has a rich history spanning over 100 years. A lot has changed in the UK competitions market lately, and we strive to stay up to date with the latest progressions and trends. So how do you enter