Win cash competitions with Simply Prizes

Win cash competitions with Simply PrizesEvery day there is thousands of pounds to be won by entering cash competitions. Promoters are giving away huge sums in cash, the only problem most of us have is finding them, and that’s where Simply Prizes comes in.

Just imagine what you could do with £10,000, £20,000 or even more. Clear your debts, take that dream holiday or buy a new car, or just simply treat yourself without feeling guilty.

Simply Prizes has a team of researchers scouring the country for the best competitions that have cash as prizes. We look high and low, searching the internet, shops, magazines and much more, no stone is left unturned in our hunt to bring you the best cash competitions around.

This is just a sample of the types of cash competitions we feature in Simply Prizes

£20,000 – with runners up prizes including as mini break
£20,000 – with runners up prizes of £1000
£10,000 - with 3 x £1000 as prizes for the runners up

Simply Prizes makes entering cash competitions easy, simply login to our website using your unique username and password and follow the instructions in the current competitions section. We even give you the answers to any questions the promoter has set. Simply follow the details and sit back and wait for the cash prizes to start rolling in.

Join Simply Prizes today and who knows you could be winning oodles of cash before you know it.


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