Does anyone win internet competitions?

Do people win internet competitions?This is possibly the question I get asked most as an editor. And the answer is a resounding yes!

If you would like to win internet competitions yourself, here are our top three tips to get your hands on the best prizes.

1) Do more – you’re saving money!

Internet competitions are by far the most cost effective way of winning prizes. Postal costs have spiralled in recent years, and a first class stamp now costs a whopping 60p. To put that in context, if you enter five postcard competitions a week, you’ll be handing over £156 a year to Royal Mail!

Switch to internet competitions and you’re likely to spend less than £3 per week on internet access – giving you the freedom to enter as many competitions as you like!

2) Avoid affiliate competitions

Affiliate competitions are the reason that internet competitions are given a bad name. These promotions are run by marketing companies to collect details and bombard entrants with unsolicited information. You may also receive follow up marketing calls about an internet competitions you entered… but we rarely hear of anyone actually winning a prize!

The best way to avoid affiliate competitions is by subscribing to a service that never includes them in their listings – click here for a 28-day free trial of Simply Prizes, and you’ll receive access to over 400 competitions completely free and guaranteed affiliate free!

3) The fastest comper is an internet comper!

Entering internet competitions is considerably faster than using snail mail. Roboform is a handy tool that can automatically complete online forms for you. With this handy tool by our side, our researchers have managed to enter up to 60 competitions an hour. Click here to find out more about Roboform!

I hope these tips help you win your first internet competition. Good luck!

Kelly Dudley
Editor, Simply Prizes

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