Get comping and go camping; win a getaway in the forest and a tent worth almost a grand

I’ve been lucky enough to start the week with a win; a book from Twitter. Not a big prize but one that I am grateful for none the less. And for those of you that know me, you’ll know how chuffed I am with a Twitter win; as I always find that the hardest platform to win on!

And if you guys enjoy social media competitions then be sure to check the update on Wednesday and Friday; the comps listed on those days are purely social media ones and will feature an array of prizes from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

However, on to today’s update – the team have found some absolute blinders this week! My top three are; a getaway with Camping in the Forest and a tent worth £950, an activity holiday for two in Lanzarote worth £1,500 and a trip to Mallorca worth £3,000! Can you tell its summer and I’m in the holiday spirit? But alongside those you’ll also find a whole host of other lovely goodies up for grabs!

Plus, if you fancy heading over to our Facebook page I am there most evenings and there are always extra comps listed throughout the day too.