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Each month we discuss a big issue that is dividing the world of comping. This month, we decide whether kids competitions should be kept just for the kids

Should adults enter kids competitions?Kids today, eh? They have it all... computers, games consoles, flash mobile phones - and they also have lots of competitions to enter to win them. But should these competitions be entered by everyone?

Often the terms and conditions of a kids competition can stipulate the age that entrants must be in order to enter. However, promoters rarely check the age of entrants before awarding prizes. Or even that the child exists... some compers have been known to enter a fictitious child, just to get their hands on a big prize.

On the other hand, there's plenty of 'grown up' competitions for us to enter, with more than enough prizes to go around. Should we leave the kids' competitions to the kids?

Should adults enter kids' competitions?

The Editor's View

Well, I should begin with a confession. I do sometimes enter competitions aimed at kids or teenagers for myself. Even though I am a bit older than the intended clientele, I love make-up, shopping vouchers and video games as much as most teenagers and would love to be able to win some of these things. I have also won a few competitions in my daughter's name for things that she's a bit young for... but they have all been happily received by friends and family! I think that if the terms and conditions don't stipulate age restrictions, then you should give it a go. I don't think I'd ever pretend to be younger than I am, just in case they wanted a picture of me enjoying my prize!

In the current issue of Simply Prizes we've got some great competitions for kids. Prizes include:

A digital camera
An iPad
£1000 cash
£200 worth of photography and writing equipment.

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What the readers have to say...


I think you should be allowed to enter kids competitions, although inventing children is a bit too far. I enter the comps for children but always put one of my children's names, I have five children so I tend to put whichever I think the prize would be most suitable for. I recently won a Kung Fu Panda Wii game which was addressed to my daughter, but all of the children love playing it, my husband too! Now my eight-year old son constantly badgers me to enter the comps with his name so that he can get something in the post.
Amanda Morrison

I believe that if you do really have children then it is fine to enter a competition aimed at children as you are doing this on their behalf if they haven't done it themselves. I don't agree with making up a child, however, to enter a competition, I'd be too scared in case they want to present the child with the prize or some other PR event! I would be mortified!
Rachel Girven

I don't think adults should enter comps aimed at kids skills (ie colouring, writing, or designing, etc). And I don't think they should enter competitions in children's magazines as these are clearly aimed directly at kids.

However, for other competitions such as prize draws where the prize may be for toys, games, etc, I see no reason why adults can't enter to win prizes for their children/grandchildren. I pack shoe boxes every year for a charity called Operation Christmas Child and I have entered (but never won!!) competitions to win cuddly toys and dolls which if won would then be put into the boxes for children who have nothing.

Dawn Harrison 

When the prize is won, then it's your decision the best way to use it, until then, keep comping...

Mike Barry


"I used to enter these competitions, not for myself as I'm childless, but for the many friends and families I know who do have kids. I started comping as a hobby because I wanted to win great prizes I probably could never afford and to enjoy some amazing experiences, like far away holidays. But I also started comping to try and win things I could give to others. I have been lucky enough to win many small and mid-range prizes since I started comping two years ago, and I am just as happy delivering one of my wins to a friend or family member as winning for myself."

Very well said Simon Jee! Hopefully your comping karma will pay off.

Here at Simply Prizes, we pride ourselves on only featuring competitions that we've seen for ourselves. Our experienced team of researchers track down and verify every competition, making sure that we've read through the terms and conditions - unlike many competition mags! That way you know that any competition you find in our magazine will have been checked out at the source and is completely legit.

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