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Online Competitions - a great way to enter competitions

Online competitions are part of the way history is been re-written by the web. The rise of the internet has been the most defining feature of the 21st Century so far. It has changed the way we look for things, shop and interact with friends and family.

Words like Google, eBay, Amazon and Facebook are now used daily and seem as natural to us watching television or going to the supermarket.

The world of competitions is no different and most competitions can be entered online, in fact many now only have an online entry route. One of the main reasons for this is that it far cheaper for a promoter when customers enter their own details, but the IPM (Institute of Promotional Marketing) do warn that when there are both postal and web entry routes up to 40% on the entries still come via the post. So promoters need to be careful that they don't reduce participation by not offering more than one entry route.

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The lack of postal costs also makes online competition entry very attractive to compers but you need to be careful when you try and keep the time down by using a robo form to speed up your entries. Many promoters ban the use of these and you could get your entry disqualified.

The other thing about the ease of entry for online competitions is that they can attract a far larger number of entries, because they as so easy to enter. So when you start concentrating on online competitions you need to increase the number you enter to keep your chances of winning up.

So although online competitions are great for ease and low cost entry, we recommend that you should also keep entering offline competitions, or ones that need to you to do something (by finding an entry form etc) as you chances of winning these will be much higher.

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