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Hi, my name's Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes magazine. Every week I'll be bringing you an update or two about any interesting competitions I find or any comping news. Plus I'll bring you any competitions or offers I find.

It’s here!

I’m so excited! The advents are upon us!! I’ve had a bit of a break from comping over the last few days so I’m ready and raring to go – no doubt entering until the early hours and using up my matchsticks to keep my eyes open! I always start with such vigour but I know that come the middle of the month I’ll need to take a little break before starting again!


As most of you are now aware the Advent Competitions 2016 website is a free service we offer, and although I am around most evenings on our Facebook page there are certain things I can’t help with as I work remotely from home and don’t have access to customer accounts.


So, for any account queries you will need to contact customer services who are open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. You are able to either email them at info@oxonpress.co.uk or call them on 01926 298986.


However, for advice and tips and anything else comping related then I can assist and I am more than happy to help out best I can! Don’t forget also that our Facebook page is a great comping community and there are always other compers available with their own advice and tips too!


I want to wish you the very best of luck with the advents; be sure to let me know how you’re getting on!


Sammy x