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Hi, my name's Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes magazine. Every week I'll be bringing you an update or two about any interesting competitions I find or any comping news. Plus I'll bring you any competitions or offers I find.

Why does this happen whenever we get a bit of sunshine?

Same as, same as, just when we get a few days of sunshine, they start telling us the weather in ‘unprecedented’ and that we’ll have hosepipe bans and the like, next day it starts raining again.

I’d love to know how countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal survive and manage to grow anything. I can’t claim any expertise but I think all these stories of water shortages are just to cover the fact our water companies don’t know what they are doing, while charging vast amounts of money in a country where rain is a very common occurrence.

But enough of my whingeing and onto the comps. Well not quiet the end of my whinging, it was my husband’s birthday on Tuesday and we had a lovely BBQ, with me doing the cooking, so how can anyone claim that a BBQ is a ‘Gentleman’s’ thing? But I’ll forgive them (just a little bit) if I win…

A Gentlemen’s Hardware portable barbecue – closes 5th July 2020 – click here to enter

Question - What type of animal is New Zealand’s national symbol the Kiwi?

Our Advice: A bird

And with the sun and then rain our grass seems to be growing while I watch, so I’d love to be able to watch one of these spinning around our garden while I looked after the man’s (ahem!) BBQ, even better if I was just sipping a glass of cool Chardonnay…

Win a Flymo EasiLife Robotic Lawnmower worth £649.99 – closes 19th June 2020 – click here to enter

Buying presents for (don’t say it too loud) a 50 something man is hard. The sock draw is full and other than some booze (which Simply Prizes readers will know he’s fond of) he doesn’t seem to want much. So, take the stress away from Father’s Day with this bunch of gifts…

Cadbury Father's Day gifts – closes 15th June 2020 – click here to enter

Question - What super hero is also called Clarke Kent?

Our advice: Superman

And if you like the sun, I’ll be back on Saturday with details of how you could win a very special, once in a lifetime holiday, and why now is the best time to start looking our for these type of competitions.

Stay safe and good luck!