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Know any Revolting Rhymers?!

Well if you do then this could be for them! Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymers are encouraging primary school children to come up with their most revolting rhyme in order to bag themselves a pretty decent prize alongside prizes for their school and for their rhyme to be published in an e-book.


Not bad eh? So what do they need to do? Well, judging will be based on the following criteria; it must rhyme, it needs to be between 4-30 lines, it has to involve at least one Roald Dahl character, it must be funny and above all it has to be revolting (naughty, gross, outrageous, surprising, or a little bit rebellious)!


They’ve got a little bit of time to get their creative heads on as entries don’t close until 21st October; when they are ready to submit they can do so here. And to get them motivated they can see a full list of the prizes here.


Good luck!


Sammy x