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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


Happy 2016! As we head into a new comping year I like to take a look back over the previous one to see how I fared, and set up a wish-list of prizes for the coming months.


I find having something to work to spurs me on and helps to keep me focused on the comping after the frantic advents of December!


My wish-list for 2016 is:

  1. A summer holiday – I’ve won quite a few ‘short-breaks’ during my time in comping but I’ve yet to win an all singing, all dancing holiday!
  2. Although we’ve only just got over Christmas I’d love a trip to Lapland – really want to take the children while they still believe!
  3. A Merlin Pass (preferably for all the family) – now the younger two are getting a bit bigger and thrill-seeking rides come into force, I’d love to make the most of all the theme parks in the South East where I live.
  4. A Kindle – I love reading and I have a Kobo (but that’s rather ancient now) so a new e-reader would be most welcome.
  5. An Apple watch – a desired tech toy for the hubby.
  6. A cash prize – I’ve won a few in the past (mainly from gameshows) and money wins are a real buzz
  7. A washing machine – mine is terribly old now and although it’s still going strong a new more up to date model would be lovely.
  8. Euro 2016 tickets – my son is getting to be a real football fan and is already super excited about this so winning some tickets would be a dream for him
  9. Attraction tickets for London – I’m 40 in March (shush!) and have a weekend booked in the capital. But at the moment it’s just the accommodation, so winning stuff that I can fill my weekend up with would be a real treat
  10. Cinema tickets – we love to go and do this as a family and now the younger two are older it’s a really enjoyable but ever so pricey outing


Do get in touch with your own wish-lists; I’d love to see what you are aiming for this year. As always you can get in touch via Facebook or pop me an email at info@oxonpress.co.uk with ‘Wish list 2016’ in the subject line. Don’t forget any letters that we publish on our website will bag you a tenner.


Sammy x