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How has it been for you?

So as we head to the end of the first full week of the advent competitions I’ve been hearing from lots of you via our Facebook page about issues you are having with some Facebook entries.


It appears that good old Facebook is un-liking new pages that you have liked overnight. Often compers are seen as spam on Facebook and can end up having commenting and liking bans or similar. I too thought I was having a mad moment on Saturday when entering some comps and realising that the pages I had liked previously were all un-liked! And it’s a bit of a bug bear when some of the entry requirements are to like the page!


Unfortunately there is not a great deal we can do about this and whilst it is frustrating we can try to minimise issues we have.


  • Try not to like too many pages in a small amount of time.
  • If you don’t have to, don’t share. The more stuff you share and the more people you tag on Facebook the more Facebook can see you as spam.
  • Make sure you put lots of personal stuff on there too; photos and normal statuses and not just comp entries.
  • When commenting, try not to comment with the same thing all the time; mix it up a bit.
  • Maybe stick to comps on already ‘liked’ pages so you don’t have to like any new ones.


If you are one of the ones experiencing the un-liking take a break from Facebook comps for a couple of days; if social media comping is your thing there are plenty of other platforms offering advent comps – Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all have current competitions. And there are lots and lots of web based ones doing the rounds too.


Don’t forget also that our Facebook page is a great comping community and there are always other compers available with their own advice and tips too! And I am there most evenings and can always try and help with any problems you may be experiencing.


Sammy x