SP Xtra: Editor's Blog

Hi, my name's Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes magazine. Every week I'll be bringing you an update or two about any interesting competitions I find or any comping news. Plus I'll bring you any competitions or offers I find.

Grab your chance to win with Advent Competitions...

How are you finding the Advents? If you are an SP member you will currently find over 500 listed on the website! Some run for the full 24 days and others for the 12 days; but when the first 12 days finish you’ll find other promoters start theirs. So prepare yourselves for a fresh batch of comps starting midway through next week.

And if you are not yet a member now is really the best time to join us; it happens every year, the first few days of Advent Competitions attracts loads of entries, but as the days pass the number of people entering drops dramatically, and your chances of winning increase. So, don't think you've missed the opportunity to win lots of prizes by not joining in with Advent Competitions on Saturday, today is actually a far better time to start.

So how are you all doing?

Plus do get in contact if you have been lucky enough to win anything; we love hearing from our members and any winning stories displayed on our website walk away with a tenner.

I’ve won one Advent so far which was a really cute Christmas tree from Bloom & Wild. And on top of that I have also won a Santa Sleep Over at the Alton Tower’s Splash Landings hotel with lots of extras thrown in. I’m so excited for this one and I’m trying to keep it a secret from the kids but not sure I will be able to stop myself telling them!

Win one of five sets of 'Thank You' cards and envelopes...

You can win a pack of our 'Thank You' cards with envelopes. Just email: info@oxonpress.co.uk with 'Aintree Iron' in the subject line before midnight on Wednesday 12th December, for your chance to win one of five packs of 20 'Thank You' cards and gummed envelopes. 

The winners will be chosen at random for all entries received by the closing date. 

Click here to see our cards and envelopes >>

This week’s competitions...

And now over to this week’s competitions; a little taster of Advents that we have currently got on the Simply Prizes website...

My Mail is offering a daily collection of high value prizes; enter here daily for your chance to win up to 12th December.

ITV is offering you daily prizes to win things from gift cards through to Dysons; enter here everyday up to 12th December.

Gransnet is also going all out giving you the chance to scoop some pretty good prizes; enter here every day up to 12th December.

That’s it for this Thursday, I’ll be back next week with some more comps. Have fun with the advents this weekend. Stay lucky!