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Hi, my name's Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes magazine. Every week I'll be bringing you an update or two about any interesting competitions I find or any comping news. Plus I'll bring you any competitions or offers I find.

Are you being spammed?


I’ve heard from a few compers recently that have been entering competitions and then all of a sudden are finding an inbox full of spam! It’s easy to get attracted into entering competitions that promise you prizes of cars and holidays and big amounts of cash however, if you aren’t using a site like Simply Prizes (who never list affiliate competitions) then you could end up screaming at your mail box!


Affiliate competitions are ones where upon entering you have to tick check boxes to accept offers from other companies. And only on doing this will you then be entered into winning your dream car! I avoid comps like this completely. My inbox is full enough with newsletters that I actually want to subscribe to without being asked if I’d like my teeth whitened or eye laser surgery done ten times a day!


So if you have fallen into the trap of entering these kind of promotions and you’re near to throwing your laptop out the window every time you open your email, make a cuppa and chill! There is a site called unroll me which offers a pretty good solution to helping you get on top of those pesky emails. It will basically trawl through your email account and then give you an alphabetical list of all your current subscriptions. You can then click through fairly quickly to unsubscribe from ones you no longer want, or maybe never even wanted in the first place! When you’ve clicked a few you’ll then be asked to like unroll me on Facebook or send a tweet before you can continue further. This is fine! There are other benefits to the site too where by you can organise your subscriptions into a list that they will compile and choose when you would like to receive it through the day. You can register and get started here .


For future proofing your inbox be careful on the tick check boxes at the bottom of competitions; nearly all will ask you whether you want to subscribe to their emails and most will ask whether you want contact from reputable third parties. I only ever subscribe to the promoter’s email (if I want to) and never to the third party stuff. Otherwise again your mail box will be tripping over itself with all the different subscriptions and you’ll be reaching for that wine bottle…


If you do decide to have a ‘clear up’ let me know how you get on. You can either drop me a line via email to info@oxonpress.co.uk or post on our Facebook wall .


Chat soon!


Sammy x

Week six – summer holiday kid’s comps! The end!

That’s it; the end is in sight - the kids are back to school next week! I actually can’t believe how quickly it has gone and it seems odd as we are still on our summer holiday. Back home Saturday though to a mountain of washing and getting the kids prepped for school. Although I was ultra-organised this year and all school uniform was bought, washed and ironed in the first week of the holidays; which is a nice feeling knowing it’s already done!


And to keep them occupied for the last few days, here are a couple more comps for the kids to get stuck into.


Win some Emoji merchandise by helping the kids to upload a fun selfie. Under 16’s must be entered by a parent. You can enter up to three times every day until 30th November although a maximum of one prize per week can be won by one person. More details and info on how to enter can be found here .


Draw your dream dinosaur and have the chance to get it printed on a giant bean bag and a family ticket to the Dinosaurs of China exhibition. Open to entrants aged 11 and under you have until midnight on 30th September to enter. Full details and entry info can be found here .


Have fun with these ones and remember normality is nearly here! Keep an eye on the website tomorrow for your update of social media comps too. I may not be around tomorrow evening as will be getting ready to leave the lodge early Saturday morning but I’ll catch up with you all via our Facebook page when I’m back.


Have a great weekend.


Sammy x