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Instant wins!



Have any of you attempted the new instant win with Walkers Crisps yet? I’ve seen quite a few of my comping friends on Facebook saying that they’ve won. I’ve entered three codes but am yet to be lucky.


This is a 24-hour instant win promotion – which means you can be savvy and try and enter at less popular times like early in the morning and late at night. And with over 40,000 prizes to be won it’s worth chancing your luck.


I bought two multi-packs of six this week (as they were on offer in my local supermarket) and each bag has an individual code rather than just the one on the outer packaging so that’s good news!


All entries will be put into a main prize draw to win the top prize of a VIP trip to the Champions League Final in Milan (including travel and accommodation) regardless of whether you won an instant win.


With each code you enter (and you can enter more than once per hour up to a maximum of 24 codes in 24 hours) you’ll find out instantly if you are a winner. And included in the prizes are Final tickets, sharing bowls, t-shirts and footballs.


To enter you’ll need to buy a promotional pack of Walkers crisps or Doritos and register to play at www.game-ready.com. The competition is ongoing until 25th April 2016 and from 26th April – 29th June 2016 there is a wrap up draw where each eligible entry will be put into a pot to win £500.


Don’t forget to let me know if you win (remember my tips on timings) via info@oxonpress.co.uk or on our Facebook page. Happy munching!


Sammy x