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Comping with kids!



Half term has started here in Kent and if like me you don’t get that many of your normal comps entered then make the most of the children being off and check out local and creative promotions that they can get stuck into!


Local shopping centres, radios, newspapers and the like all usually run short-closing ‘local’ comps when the children are off. Promotions generally attract people and with the children needing to be kept amused businesses make the most of it. I visited London Stratford’s Westfield shopping centre on Saturday and there were a few outlets running different promotions. There was also the opportunity to get entered into a weekend away just for purchasing a gift card. So be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled when on your travels!


Take a look at my top tips for comping with kids;

  • Take lots of photographs on your outings; children usually make the most willing models. I took some pictures of my two at a nearby park which won me a gift voucher on my local newspaper’s Facebook page.
  • It could be a good time to start getting prepared for future comps; such as Easter etc. So get the kids making things in anticipation for creative entries. Easter bonnets, painting eggs, Easter stories etc. are all usually things that can be used towards comp entries. Remember to take lots of pics! It helps to keep the boredom at bay too!
  • Let them spend some pocket money at the local shop; children’s magazines always have competitions in and this could keep them busy on a rainy day.
  • Visit your local library. My children’s school always inform me of the diary of events that are on offer and there is always a little promotion that they can get stuck into.
  • Make the trip to the supermarket fun; get them looking out for any on pack comps! Walkers are doing one at the moment and they are on offer too. My two love whizzing up and down the aisles looking out for the word ‘WIN’! They are definitely catching Mummy’s passion for spotting competitions!
  • And finally keep an eye out on your weekly Simply Prizes update – we always feature some great comps for the kids.


Don’t forget to let me know if you and the kids have any wins over half term via info@oxonpress.co.uk or on our Facebook page. Good luck!


Sammy x