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Finding those hidden Facebook messages



It’s been pretty well advertised through the national press about Facebook’s ‘other messages’. A few of the newspapers even accused Facebook of hiding them from us! However, a lot of us compers were already in the loop on this and have discovered winning messages hiding there.


For any of you that are unaware of how to check and you are on a desktop, go to your messages, at the top left next to recent you’ll see ‘message requests’ and next to that is a drop down box entitled ‘more’.

Facebook messages

If you click on this you’ll see ‘filtered’. This could be where any messages from companies or people that you aren’t friends with end up. If you are accessing messenger from a mobile device it is slightly different. Go into settings, then people, then message requests and then see filtered requests.



Do be sure to let me know of any new wins found this way. Email info@oxonpress.co.uk or via our Facebook page.


Good luck!


Sammy x