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Fancy winning the lottery?


I’ve stumbled across this, it’s a really old news report (2010), but it got me thinking that some people are literally just born lucky!


This lady in question has won the lottery a massive four times, scooping herself millions of dollars! It’s almost unbelievable considering her odds were 1 in 1.2 million for each draw, which experts say that to win four lottery jackpots increases that to more than 200 million to one! Wow!


I buy a lottery ticket every week without fail (for all draws), spending on average about £50 a month, and the most I’ve won was £460 one week. And on scratch cards, £500. I considered that pretty amazing and was extremely chuffed but I know I’ve paid in far more than I’ll ever probably win back. But it’s a treat and I enjoy doing it and as a comper when I win, I’m pretty darn excited!


So come on – I want to know, what’s been your best lottery win to date? Go on, make me jealous!


Sammy x