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Hi, my name's Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes magazine. Every week I'll be bringing you an update or two about any interesting competitions I find or any comping news. Plus I'll bring you any competitions or offers I find.

Fancy winning the lottery?


I’ve stumbled across this, it’s a really old news report (2010), but it got me thinking that some people are literally just born lucky!


This lady in question has won the lottery a massive four times, scooping herself millions of dollars! It’s almost unbelievable considering her odds were 1 in 1.2 million for each draw, which experts say that to win four lottery jackpots increases that to more than 200 million to one! Wow!


I buy a lottery ticket every week without fail (for all draws), spending on average about £50 a month, and the most I’ve won was £460 one week. And on scratch cards, £500. I considered that pretty amazing and was extremely chuffed but I know I’ve paid in far more than I’ll ever probably win back. But it’s a treat and I enjoy doing it and as a comper when I win, I’m pretty darn excited!


So come on – I want to know, what’s been your best lottery win to date? Go on, make me jealous!


Sammy x

Tuesday Talk! (And a little prize draw!)


There are always hundreds of EOM (end of month) comps doing the rounds and I just wondered how many of you managed to be organised enough to do them? Every month I tell myself to start entering them in the middle of the month by doing a few each day so I’m not so inundated on the last day, but I never do! So tonight I’ll be settling down as early as I can and ploughing my way through as many as I can. (Vowing to myself that things will be different next month, ha ha!)


I tend to be quite organised with my comping routine but the EOM stuff just beats me every time. My main comping time is in the evenings but I do try and sneak some dailies in through the day if I can. I concentrate on staying a few days ahead of the closing dates so I can have an evening off every weekend and I keep a spreadsheet of wins to track prizes.


So, how do you organise your comping? I’d love to hear from you and I’d like to post the best tips on our Facebook page to help other compers get their game into gear! So you can either post on our wall  or email me at: info@oxonpress.co.uk. And at the end of the month I’ll choose my favourite to win a little something.


Chat soon!


Sammy x