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Hi, my name's Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes magazine. Every week I'll be bringing you an update or two about any interesting competitions I find or any comping news. Plus I'll bring you any competitions or offers I find.

Happy bank holiday!


This week is National Stationery Week and I’ve seen lots of daily competitions doing the rounds on social media; there is still time to get in on the action as #nationalstationeryweek is running until Sunday. Daily comps like these are a good way of increasing your chances of a win due to the short time they are run for. You’ve also got the Tour de Yorkshire running from tomorrow through to Sunday, and Saturday is International Astronomy Day and Sunday is International Jazz Day. You may find some promoters will celebrate these with themed comps; mainly via social media so if you have time you can look by using hashtags in front of them in the search bar on the social media platform you are using.


Bank holidays also usually encourage companies to run accompanying promotions and again being just the one day/weekend they will often be short-lived.


And with the new batch of comps from us tomorrow you may just need to set aside a comping day this weekend! As it is a bank holiday customer services will be shut from Friday 5pm through to Tuesday 9am. However, I will be around via our Facebook page should any of you require assistance. I don’t have access to customer accounts or the systems though so for any queries of that nature email info@oxonpress.co.uk and they will get back to you as soon as they can next week.


Have a great weekend and good luck with the comps.


Sammy x