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Hi, my name's Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes magazine. Every week I'll be bringing you an update or two about any interesting competitions I find or any comping news. Plus I'll bring you any competitions or offers I find.

I can't quite believe the cost of this!

Let’s start with a quick update on Prize Hook. I emailed them asking how the service works last week but haven’t heard anything back, so I decided to call them. And to be fair the call was answered quickly and politely.

But the customer service is obviously outsourced to a third party, rather than run by Prize Hook themselves and the lady who answered that call couldn’t answer any of my questions about how the prize draw worked, which is a bit surprising as this is the core to what they are offering. In fact, she said ‘I’m only customer service. I don’t know anything about the prize draw’.

My first question was that on the home page it says - here are just some of our amazing Prize Hook prizes that we are giving away this week!

And then lists six different prizes (all with a value of £500). The inference from this is that there are lots of different prizes each week, but their terms and conditions only refer to a single prize draw each week and on their ‘winners’ page there is only one ‘winner’ listed each week.

And then we come to the ‘winners’. In the T&Cs they say they will make one attempt to contact the winner each week and if this is unsuccessful then the prize will be forfeited. And the wording on the ‘winners’ page is vague, it says - all prize winners will be notified by phone call and their name and prize listed. Good luck!

I might be wrong, but with no one from Prize Hook available to confirm otherwise, I would suggest that not all these ‘winners’ actually received their prize.

And then there is the cost, again buried in the T&Cs. It says that users will be billed £4.50 a week until this is stopped. Now £4.50 may not sound much as a one-off but over a year it costs £234, just to enter one £500 a week comp. A comp that even if you win, unless you are glued to your ‘phone 24 hours a day, you might not even hear about.

I’ll leave you to make up your mind about the service but it’s one competition that I personally won’t be entering.

But talking about competitions I will enter how about...

With the summer holidays on us properly and the kids refusing to do any school work anything that gets them off their ‘phones (and my laptop) makes me cheer so the £200 Hobbycraft gift card, and an art bundle worth £100 would be very welcome.

You need to submit a photo of your creation and a short description of what you’ve created by the 30th September – click here to enter.

I’ve just bought a base for a garden parasol we got earlier in the summer, so for the first time this year we’ll have some shade, which given tomorrow’s forecast is good timing, but I wouldn’t mind adding a sun lounger and garden games.

Closes 4th August 2020 – click here to enter.

When I moan about the kids getting off anything with a screen, I have to admit our selection of board games doesn’t go past Cluedo and Monopoly so maybe a better selection would be more attractive. Which is why I’ve entered the following comp already...

Win a board games chest worth £189 – closes 24th August 2020 – click here to enter.

Question: What is the name of one of Big Potato's best-selling games?

Our advice: Obama Llama

Good luck with these and any other comps you’ve entered this week. Going back to Prize Hook’s £4.50 a week charge, I can’t quite believe it, for one £500 prize. I’ll be back on Saturday with a very special one-off offer to get Simply Prizes for a year, for just 75p a week.