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Welcome to Simply Prizes Xtra! My name is Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes. Every Tuesday and Thursday you'll find a brand new update from me, with interesting competitions I've found, as well as the latest comping news!


This is another reason comping is so good

Like many people we didn't get a big family holiday this year, just a long weekend in Lyme Regis, so I'm on the hunt for days out and short trips to try and make up for it. And this would be great...

Win a three-night trip to the Isle of Skye - closes 26th October 2021

Max one entry per person. Text TALISKER or TALISKER1 or TALISKER2 or TALISKER5 followed by a space, and your name and postcode to 60110 (texts charged at your standard rate)

I read today that all the import and delivery problems have caused a shortage of official Harry Potter merchandise, so with Christmas coming up, you could be one of the lucky few to get your hands on (for free!) ...

A Harry Potter bundle (there will be five draws) – closes 1st November 2021 – click here to enter

Question: Which item is NOT one of the Deathly Hallows?

Our advice: The Mirror of Erised

Comping is a great way to take some of the expense out of Christmas, I know Sammy and many other compers start to really concentrate on 'gift comps' around now. And given how much Lego costs now, this would make a lovely present...

A Minecraft Lego set – closes 31st November 2021

Question: Which of these Minecraft games has been discontinued?

Our advice: b) Minecraft Earth

Email your age, n&a and phone number to: comp@everythingmw.com with the subject line issue 83 and your answer

Look out for an email from me on Saturday with the latest 20 Year Anniversary comp, there will be 20 winners this week! And if you want to get Simply Prizes half-price for the next five years click here, this offer will close at the end of October.

Stay safe and good luck.

Dave Gibson

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