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Welcome to Simply Prizes Xtra! My name is Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes. Every Tuesday and Thursday you'll find a brand new update from me, with interesting competitions I've found, as well as the latest comping news!


These would make great Christmas treats

We are into the third day of Advent Competitions and we have over 500 on the database already. I'm pretty confident that means we will pass 600 once the 12 days of Christmas ones are listed next week.

If you haven't joined yet, give them a go. With over 500 different competitions offering daily prizes, you won't get a better chance to win, and you can join Simply Prizes, just for December, for only £5.99... 

Click here to give Advent Competitions a go >>

Keeping with the Christmas theme here's a chance for you to win £200 worth of toys - closes 12th December 2020 - click here to enter

Why they have a closing date after Christmas I don't know because this would be such a great treat to have in the house over the festive period, but maybe it's good to keep the January blues away as well...

A Jelly Belly hamper worth over £100 - closes 31st December 2020 - click here to enter

This at least closes before Christmas and I reckon they will get them delivered in time to go under the tree...

A Cadbury double deck selection box - closes 18th December 2020 - click here to enter

Question: How many different products are in the Cadbury double deck selection box?

Our advice: 12

Stay safe and keep comping!

Dave Gibson

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