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Welcome to Simply Prizes Xtra! My name is Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes. Every Tuesday and Thursday you'll find a brand new update from me, with interesting competitions I've found, as well as the latest comping news!


Don't tell anyone but...

I'll let you into a little secret, as a youth I was into punk music, in fact I still listen to it today, much to my kids annoyance (which does amuse me as I thought it was parents who should object to their kids music).

But, my guilty pleasure was that I also liked ABBA, not something that I could admit in public, but luckily my sister had a few of their albums, so I wasn't reliant on radio alone to get my ABBA fix.

Seeing the comp for a pair of tickets to see ABBA Mania, had me humming a few tunes in my head and I think I may well play some songs this evening. My only problem is I think my kids like ABBA!

ABBA MANIA tickets, Shaftesbury Theatre, London - closes 16th May 2021 - click here to enter

Question: With which song did ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974?

Our advice: Waterloo

And talking about things from the past, Lizzie and Sammy got me to open up the National Compers Alliance (NCA) again. This is the first time in six years that we have offered places on it, and it's proving popular. Over 30% of the spots have gone already and it's not been open a week yet - click here to find out more.

Keeping with my youthful memories I used to think that Land Rovers looked so cool... big, tough and rugged, how I wanted my Dad to have one instead of his Hillman Hunter. Little did I know how noisy and slow they were, and that for a family, my Dad's choice was probably better.

I've read that the new Land Rovers are nothing like the old, in fact they are very luxurious. I know they are big, I was next to one in a line of traffic the other day and I swear my roof only came to the top of their tyres. Anyway, here's your chance to try one out for yourself...

A 3-day Jaguar Land Rover rental - closes 17th May 2021 - click here to enter

It's looking likely that most of us will be staying in the UK this summer and after the nightmare of lockdown, I can't say Lizzie is looking forward to the summer holidays much. To help I'm trying to find as many days out and things to do as I can. My kids might be getting a bit big for this now, but if you're looking for days out, how about...

A family ticket to Diggerland - closes 31st May 2021 - click here to enter

And don't forget, if you want to really supercharge your comping, the NCA is the best offer you'll ever get - click here to reserve your place before they have all gone.

Stay safe and good luck.

Dave Gibson

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