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Slogan Competitions - harder to find but still worth entering

In a recent issue of Simply Prizes, one of the Comping Hall of Fame inductees remarked that although she likes to give prominence to the slogan competitions, there just aren't so many around nowadays.

Now this is a sentiment I can relate to, as in the eighties and the nineties, most of my wins came from slogan competitions, whereas in the noughties, most of my prizes came from free draws or creative competitions. In fact, my biggest prize win of 2009 came from a photography competition!

Maybe it's a good time to take stock, and maybe the time has come to stretch our comping wings.

Let's take a look at a typical batch of recent entry forms to see what I mean.

To win £10,000 worth of energy efficient windows, Anglian Home asked us to describe in five words, Anglian's energy efficient windows.

Yes, five words! Hardly a slogan writing task, more an exercise in the art of brevity!

Or how about Walton's competition task to win a garden shed? Entrants were required to design a garden shed that would stand out from the crowd. There was a list of materials, and dimensions, which we were told we must use, and on top of all that, they wanted a 100-word introduction, with a list of features along with a drawing depicting the design.

That sounds like a lot of work to win a garden shed, but that is exactly my point, the harder a competition is to enter, then conversely the easier it is to win. The simple reason being that there will be far fewer entries!

If gardening is not your thing, then maybe you have a pet, which you would love to pamper.

Pets At Home offered a prize of £500 to spend on your pet, in return for a photograph. All you had to do here was to submit a photo of your pet. Now, if I can win a photography competition, believe me, anyone can!

Here's an unusual one. If you enjoy a cuppa, this competition had your name written all over it. Teapigs wanted customers to visit their website and decide which of their specialty teas they would like to try, and say why. Winners received a collection of teas, worth over £70.

Would you like to win a £6,000 holiday? Now don't all shout at once. Well, to win such a prize in the Bahamas, compers were required to guess the number of golf balls in the lake at The Belfry! I love this kind of comp, as my biggest ever win (a five-berth-ocean-going yacht) came from a guesstimation competition.

There are more kinds of creative competitions than you can shake a stick at, how about the Blu-Tack competition, which recently asked us to create a Blu-Tack advert on a video? Or maybe the cake baking competition to win a Kenwood Chef, was more your idea of fun? You could even win a luxury hotel break, by sending off your best Spam recipe!

The main point here though is to step out of your comfort zone, and try something new. Be different, be creative, and become a winner.

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