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Although our competition services aim to bring you all the correct solutions to the puzzles and competitions we find, there can be no guarantee that all our solutions are correct and the answers given should only be seen as advice.

No liability can be taken for incorrect advice. If you want to be sure that the correct answer is given then you need to check the original puzzle yourself. Simply Prizes do not control any of the competitions featured and is not responsible for the selection of the winners. We will always suggest an answer to a question, but being human, they are suggestions only. Other rules and restrictions may apply. Entrants are responsible for compliance with these. Competitions may appear in other Oxfordshire Press competition listings and it is the entrants responsibility to check that they don't duplicate their entries. The ‘competition entered record’ is meant as a guide only; clicking on the associated link means we will record this as an entered competition. We have no control over the actual competition or your ability to enter it, we also can not be held liable if your entry is not received or accepted by the promoter. Very important Note: As we are unable to print all elements of the rules, we strongly recommend that you check these on the original entry form/website. Unless otherwise stated, all competitions are one entry only per person and only open to those 18 and over and resident in the UK. Please note that only one free trial is authorised for one person, and anyone found signing up repeatedly will be placed on hold and stopped from signing up to any services again.

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Guarantee/Refund Policy. Members have a full 30-day cooling off period. If during that time you decide the Simply Prizes’ Lifetime Fellowship is not for you, you are entitled to a full refund of your £199. If you are a subscriber to Simply Prizes your subscription will be returned to its original form.

To claim a refund just write or contact us at the address above.

If you have bought any products using discounts available to Lifetime Fellow’s during this cooling off period, you will still be entitled to keep all the discounts claimed.

After the 30-day cooling of period you will have agreed to enter into a contract where the publisher of Simply Prizes will continue to deliver Simply Prizes (or a similar service, the exact nature of the service to be decided by the publisher) for ten years from the date you join, provided you continue to pay the quarterly maintenance fee.

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The discounts and benefits offered with the Simply Prizes Lifetime Fellowship are calculated to be fair provided you continue your membership for the full ten year period. If you decide to cancel early you will have deemed to have accepted it is not fair to ask for a refund, in full or pro-rata, of your initial joining fee.


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Competitions, Giveaways and Prize Draws

From time to time we will run prize draws and competitions on social media, via our email newsletter or on our website. Please follow all the instructions given for your entry to be valid

Promoter: Simply Prizes, Mulberry House, Stoneleigh Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 6QR

Eligibility: Entrants must be UK residents. 

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Winner announcement: Winners are chosen at random within 28 days of the closing date. Their names will be posted on social media, in the email newsletter and on our website 

Prizes: Prizes will be delivered within 28 days. If the prize stated is not available, we reserve the right to replace it with a prize of equal or greater value

Prizes must be claimed for within six months otherwise prize will be forfeited

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