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Win a holiday - we show you how!

win a holiday with Simply PrizesIf you are tired of flicking through travel brochures and picturing yourself lying on a sun lounger sipping an umbrella filled cocktail… then realising that you could never afford such a holiday?

Have you considered winning a holiday?

Yes, you can win a holiday– if you know where to look. You could be jetting off to far flung corners of the globe without paying a penny. Below you’ll find some tips and tricks to help you win a holiday.

1) Be flexible!

I can’t tell you how to win a holiday to a specific resort in a specific country at a specific time, sorry! In order to win a holiday, you might have to be a little bit open minded as to where you go. Chances are that if you win a holiday, it could well be to somewhere that you’ve never been before. But comping can be a wonderful opportunity to explore the world for free, so be open minded when entering holiday competitions.

2) Always read the terms and conditions

What’s worse than not winning a holiday? Winning a holiday that you can’t go on. When entering holiday competitions, always be sure that you read the terms and conditions thoroughly. There may be restrictions on how many can travel and when, age restrictions and more. Also check when the holiday has to be taken – more and more trips are offering fixed dates, which means that you need to know you are free to travel then!

3) Go the extra mile…

If you want to win a holiday, you might have to work for it. Competitions that require a bit of effort always attract fewer entries. So if you have to make a video, send in a picture or write a few words, the entry levels will decrease. This means you're competing with far fewer compers!

4) Have fun!

Holidays are very popular prizes, so don’t become disheartened if you don’t win a holiday straight away. Persevere, have fun and you could win a holiday before you know it!

5) Subscribe to Simply Prizes!

As well as featuring over 400 new competitions every month, we have also list the best competitions to win a holiday. Here's just a sample of some of the holiday competitions we've featured or have live on the site right now


  • A  trip to Lapland
  • A short break to Italy
  • A hiking holiday in Canada
  • Family holiday in the UK
  • Caribbean holiday

And that's just a very small sample of the holidays you could win every month with Simply Prizes

Now, where is that passport?

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