Shona Pexton finally won her dream prize

"I nearly gave up hoping... then the letter came with prize I'd always dreamt of winning"

Shona Pexton finally won her dream prize - a fabulous holiday to Portugal. When her sister had to cancel her honeymoon, after their father sadly passed away, Shona called the competition promoters and took her sister and her family with her on a honeymoon holiday in Portugal.
I was so excited I took the letter to work and had my friend read it over and over to make sure it was true! I rang the number on the letter to check there weren't any catches before I rang to tell anyone. There were no catches. Once I put the phone down I couldn't stop smiling, I had won a family holiday to Portugal with spending money included!
I rang my sister straight away. She has always taken me on holiday with her before but neither of us could afford to go anywhere this year. Now I would be able to repay her and take her and my niece and nephew away.
Although the holiday was aimed at people who would want to go to watch the football over summer we decided to go in autumn half term, when it would be cooler and quieter.
A lot happened between then and October. My sister's boyfriend proposed to her and they were married in September. Sadly, our father died the week before the wedding and my sister and her husband had to cancel their honeymoon.
I rang the Co-Op and arranged with them for our holiday to be changed. Instead of two weeks in a hotel we arranged for a self-catering villa for a week. I used the spending money I had won to help pay for my sisters new husband to come with us.

It just goes to show that while you should always make sure you agree with the terms and conditions of a prize before you enter a competition, if you need to amend your prize, you should ask, as promoters can be really helpful!
Portugal was brilliant. It was still sunny and we had a fantastic week. The children had a great time and still used the pool everyday even when we had the odd shower!

Never give up hope of wining that dream prize
I'd always dreamed of winning a holiday but I could never have chosen a better time.

Shona Pexton

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