Can you really win money with competitions?

Can you really win money with competitions?

What would you like to win?

Luxury holidays? A brand new car?

Or quite simply... would you like to win money to pay for them?

Most compers would be more than happy just to win money! UK compers are in a unique position where they cannot be asked to pay any tax on any of their winnings, so if you win a big cash prize, you can keep every penny.

Unfortunately, competitions to win money aren't as popular as they used to be. Promoters are tightening their purse strings and often finding that giving away their own goods or services are more cost effective. In the past, compers hoping to win money have also entered competitions for holidays and cars, as they very often offer a cash alternative to the main prize. This has also become a less common practice sadly.

Perhaps the best way to win money is puzzle competitions. They usually carry a cash prize of between £10 and £5,000. Usually you'd have to spend time solving tricky puzzles for your chance to win money, but Simply Prizes solve all the puzzles for you!

Winning money with Simply Prizes couldn't be easier. Each month, our team of experts provide you with all the answers you need to win money in dozens of competitions. In a few minutes, you can enter for cash prizes ranging from £10 to £1 million!

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