A chilly proposal - with a warm reception!

Lucky comper Jason Bradbury wrote to us to tell us about his best win so far - an all-inclusive snowboarding trip to Chamonix, with a little extra magic added himself!

We were thrilled to receive an email from Jason Bradbury, telling about his favourite win! Here's Jason's story in his own words:

"The prize was a seven-night snowboarding holiday for four to Chamonix, staying half board and inclusive of flights, transfers, hotel, snow boarding lessons and snowboarding equipment. I was informed by phone sometime last year from a representative of Nisa who ran the competition in association with Relentless Energy Drinks, and her first question was to check that I was over 18 years of age. Apparently I was first reserve as the original winner was too young to claim the prize. Once I assured her I was she then read out the details of the prize. It's a good job I was sitting down as I was gobsmacked when she was going through all the elements of what I had won!

"After that I was then contacted by the other reps from Relentless who arranged all the finer details such as dates and equipment sizes etc. To begin with I assumed all the equipment was for hire but it soon became apparent that it was, actually to keep! This included a snowboard each, jacket, trousers, snowboard boots and bindings and goggles for everyone. We then decided on dates (early March) and who to take (my cousin and her husband) and then it was a case of waiting for it all to happen.
"Soon enough the time came for us to embark on our snow capped adventure and before we knew it we were at the airport excitedly chatting about the upcoming trip. Due to a long standing back problem my girlfriend had decided not to take her snowboard so decided to be the official photographer when the rest of us were on the slopes. Once we checked into our hotel we were then given the itinerary and times for our lessons, which all took place in the morning leaving the rest of the afternoons free. The hotel was lovely and very comfortable and the food each night in the restaurant was fantastic with a different three course set menu on offer every day. The only slight downside was that the hotel was above one of the busiest music bars in the town, so the noise tended to drift upwards but as we were on the third floor it didn't bother us too much.
"Snowboarding itself was extremely hard work and it took me a while to get the hang of it. Not only was it difficult to remember everything that was being taught to us it was also physically demanding, and we all fell over no end of times. I had bruises literally everywhere and my muscles ached from hauling myself back upright from yet another tumble, however slowly but surely over the course of the week we managed to pick up the basics. The scenery was breathtaking and it was such an awesome sight to be surrounded by mountains each day. The weather was also very good too with only one morning of snow with the majority of the week clear and sunny.
"There was something else that happened during the week that made the trip especially memorable and that was when I proposed to my girlfriend up a mountain! I had been planning it for weeks and had managed to smuggle the ring out to France in my cousin's hand luggage. One afternoon the four of us decided to take a trip up to Aquille Du Midi, a spot nearly 4,000 meters up in the Alps which can be reached by cable car. Once there the views were spectacular as we looked down on the town of Chamonix and across the Alps. I took my girlfriend over to a quiet spot so it was just the two of us and with the help of my trusty phrasebook asked her the ultimate question in French! She didn't understand what I had said so I gave her the phrasebook and told her where to look so she could see what it meant, which then gave me time to get the ring out of my pocket and get down on one knee. When she looked back at me she was speechless, but thankfully said yes. It all went to plan and we shall always remember the perfect setting for the rest of our lives.
"All in all it was a fabulous trip with many great memories to look back on. It is definitely the best prize I have won to date. I have always wanted to win a holiday of some kind and now that I have I say bring on the next one!"


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