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l still seem to be on a roll!

Still Winning!

Just thought l would drop you an email to let you know that l still seem to be ‘on a roll’! I recently won two National Trust Family Admission Passes and they are valid until the 31st December ‘22 - so two great family days out. And On Thursday l was notified that l had won a “Please wipe your paws” hug rug and four boxes of Wagg treats! So l am a very happy camper and my dog, Bentley is over the moon! From. Michele

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Social media and other comments

“I won £195 voucher for some boots.” TR

“i won some multi vits for children ” TD

“Won a £100 not on the high street voucher ” MW

“Won a copy of Football Manager 2024 ” TH

“I won a 2 night stay to the cotswolds” JT

“Even tastier because it was a win” SD

“I won a packet of wotists ” MD

“Husband won a 4kilo egg” DH

“I won with snaffling pig ” SC

“I had won the book!” SD

“I won a stunning pendant” TM

“Had my first win of £56” JLB

“I won an Easter egg” CC

“I won a jewellery set” EM

“Won an Easter egg from Cadbury” ST

“I won some toys and treats for my cat” SC

“Just won £25 on premium bonds” MP

“Daughter won a Mother's Day meal” TS

“I won a book” EM

“I am well chuffed” IM

“I’ve won a “second honeymoon” in Sri Lanka” JB

“I won an Instagram comp of a sewing machine” KL

“won 20k in January” KS

“17 prizes totaling £775” SC

“Finally got my first win of the year ” SR

“an email saying i had won the £75” KH

“A couple of wins for my horse” ML

“I actually won something! ” VM

“I had 3 wins” SC

“I won a selection of Mr Men Books” EM

“My partner won a football shirt ” JW

“ icing on the cake is winning the WIZZ Air one” TVT

“2 wins for me this month” PB

“I've waited a long time for a holiday win” JP

“Won some wrestling tickets yesterday” EM

“First win this year” AD

“Just won some rail tickets” ST

“I won runners up prize of a night away” MW

“I won a face cream set” EM

“A win at last” PW

“I won £10” SC

“two wins on Instagram today ” MW

“Had some cracking wins in the last year ” TS

“I won £300 runners up prize” SH

“Won some Cava and chocolates” PB

“I won a radley bag ” GL

“I've won on facebook recently” CH

“I'm winning lots of nice little prizes” FF

“This month I won dinner and west end theatre tickets” SM

“I won a heart shaped crepe pan” THJ

“I won a mini vase yesterday” LB

“I had a couple of lottery wins” KM

“I won 9 prizes” SC

“i won some Facial Serum” TD

“I won a £20 Domino’s voucher” MA

“It was only a little win ” SD

“I won £2,500 on Walker's crisp pay day” AA

“I won 4 prizes” SA

“3 wins for me” VH

“I won a Nespresso Coffee Machine” SC

“I won a bracelet...first win this year” KL

“Won a smart watch” RB

“I won luxury facial oil” JC

“I won some Benecol goodies” TS

“Won a crafting bundle” JB

“I won a biggie ” TW

“just won a batman car toy” SH

“A couple of small lottery wins” KM

“ I won a decorative candle” SC

“I won a £20 Odeon Voucher” MA

“I won a Dominoes voucher today” SC

“I won a £60 voucher for Wagamama” CSH

“Won a mix up drinks bundle” TR

“£500 Tesco gift card from the Tassimo TTW competition” KW

“I won the £10 Lidl voucher ” RT

“Also won a book” LHD

“I won a year's supply of Original Source products” SA

“Not the biggest prize but most welcome” CM

“I won a selection of bacon” KM

“yippee finally won a prize” SC

“I won a game of bowling” CSH

“I got an email advising me of an advent win” KH

“won an epic movie bundle” CJ

“I won a 12 month Disney subscription” TSA

“Won a £50 shopping voucher ” JB

“7 totalling £1257 - best year yet!” TS

“I won 2 totalling over £1000” VH

“5 advent wins” EM

“my second advent win” KW

“Won a nice prize last week ” SA

“I won an Air Fryer on New yrs day” TD

“Won 2 tickets to the camping and caravan show” KM

“Won four theatre tickets to see The Mousetrap” JL

“won a garmin watch from currys” SH

“Won an online cookery lesson” JR

“Won honey hamper” KM

“Won honey hamper” KM

“I won a year subscription to BBC Maestro” TC

“Won a hoodie” CB

“had 2 wins a lovely necklace and bedding” LHD

“This is my 1st win” DS

“I’ve had a great Advent” MP

“Couple of small but welcome wins” JN

“I won a bottle of light-up liqueur” CB

“I won a hoodie.” CB

“my daughter won a very expensive bag” MW

“won £1000 Champneys voucher ” TS

“My first win” JB

“Even though i have had 2 wins” KH

“I did win Rodda's cream tea and a £25” PC

“I won Prosecco, shots and spirits” AJC

“I do the "normal" comps” TH

“I won and received a prize” SM

“told them I had received 2 prizes” TH

“I've finally had a win! ” MD

“Yesterday I won a £500 voucher” TC

“I won 4 tickets to Ayr Racecourse ” EM

“Won 2nd advent now ” HM

“one advent win so far” SS

“I won a bouquet from a Facebook comp” SM

“I’ve won a £50 Boyes voucher” TB

“won a horse rug on Friday” TH

“I won a flowercard” SC

“All I’ve won is an In The Night Garden book ” SC

“I’ve won 4 cinema tickets” LJ

“Just won an overnight stay in London” FMP

“I won a book” KM

“One advent win, a huge bundle of chocolate” ELM

“I did win a Nutella Christmas Jumper” SC

“I have won something a pen” SW

“I've won a pram” KB

“Won a pet blanket” ML

“Won a pet blanket” ML

“I won a George Foreman Grill ” CB

“I’ve won a holiday in Shropshire” AG

“I've won a laptop ” SH

“Won some Elizabeth Arden stuff” SB

“I’ve won a onesie” SDJ

“Won a pack of lovely postcards ” DS

“won a box of tea already ” EM

“won a book ” TS

“Did well last week” CM

“ I won a Christmas Chocolate Collection” TM

“I Won a Christmas tee shirt ” CB

“won a hard backed Phillipa Gregory novel” TC

“I won wine and chocs ” JP

“I won a cordless iron” RS

“Need to get ready for the advents” JW

“won tickets for a London Christmas Lights bus tour” TS

“I won a bonne mammon advent calendar” TW

“I won 8 sharing bags ..of crisps & popcorn” CM

“I won 4 tickets to a bounce bingo night” EM

“2 wins...Looking forward to the advents” KM

“I won a gorgeous dress” LB

“£2000....and quite a few smaller wins” EG

“I won a £250 M&S voucher” CS

“I've won some books” SR

“I won a Nespresso coffee machine” SC

“I won a cordless Henry vacuum cleaner” PD

“Patience rewarded” PB

“Won a dairy diary set” DS

“October 3 wins” KM

“ I had a few small wins” LB

“1 win with £250” PB

“i won 3 items ” TD

“I won the famous fish ” MP

“I won 4 prizes” SC

“I've won a round robot vacuum cleaner” SR

“I won a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser” SD

“won a hoodie from dunelm” PG

“I won a £50 voucher...First win in a wee while” EM

“I won a Bonne Maman advent calendar” SA

“I won a holiday to Greece” KB

“My partner won a microwave” JW

“first prize in a couple of months” TS

“1st prize for me” CM

“i won a picture and a badge” TD

“Just won a cheque for £20” DS

“I’ve all inclusive 8 day Riviera cruise” JB

“i won a woven baby wrap” TD

“ I won 7 Gran canaria.” SC

“ I won 7 nights all inclusive holiday” SC

“very lucky week” SM

“I won an asahi glass ” JB

“ a Radley bag ...I won few weeks ago” HM

“I, too, won a Radley bag” BW

“I won some peperami goodies” MA

“I won £50 worth of joyful cereal” KM

“Won a stay in a hotel ” KKH

“won £250” JLT

“I've just won a garden hose” CF

“last week won £1000” EB

“I won some baking mixes” CM

“Came back to two prizes” SJM

“I won a family ticket to a Christmas light show” MP

“I won a Luscombe taster case” FC

“Also a £100 win on the Premium Bonds” NW

“I won a £50 voucher” CM

“I won theme park tickets” ELM

“Cadburys Match to win £5” VM

“I've had a great month 990 pounds ” KG

“How could I forget a win!! ” SD

“I won £50 Higgidy vouchers” WT

“only small but nice to get something ” JL

“ did pretty well in september” TD

“won a load of prizes with Konfidence” BB

“I won a face mask” TW

“I won a football sign” CB

“Won some plants for the garden” DJ

“I won 3 local prizes last week” SJM

“won a short break yesterday” AC

“ I’ve won loads” AG

“I've only gone and won with them again” KW

“I’ve just won another signed book” MW

“three £5 wins on Walkers Crisps” NW

“I won a Silentnight bundle” TM

“I won a book ” LB

“I have won a 3 month plant subscription ” SD

“I won my first prize” AC

“I Won a Necksaviour Mini” TD

“I won a calendar ” MA

“I won a can of deodorant” SR

“I won a competition including a yogi bare yoga mat” SD

“I won the full Albion Collection Library” TM

“Won a Nando’s voucher ” JL

“I won my first ever text-to-win. £250” MDM

“I have won a Ryman Stationery bundle” DL

“Won my first prize  £250 cash” LK

“I won a night away” AS

“ won a neon football sign ” CB

“ I won a tablet” SC

“I won £181” MA

“I also won a Radley handbag” SA

“ i won £100 ” JG

“I won a 4 pack of stainless steel chopsticks” CM

“I have won a 3 month subscription” SD

“I won a fish hamper worth £185” MP

“I won an initialed rugby ball corkscrew ” EN

“I've been very lucky again last week” SJM

“I won £50” SC

“I won £5 on Lotto ” AD

“Finally had my first win of the year” AS

“I won cinema tickets” JL

“I won a face mask ” TW

“I had 2 wins last week” SJM

“won a £10 John Lewis voucher” SD

“I won £20 on the lottery” KM

“I won a beach towel” JB

“won a Ooni Karu 16 Pizza Oven” IM

“£250 Tesco voucher from text to win” TW

“I won a big hood” AT

“chuffed to win 3 wins totalling £400” SJM

“3 Wins but high value” SAS

“keeps the wins ticking over” KH

“I had 6 wins ” SC

“£30 lottery win. Better than nothing” VM

“I had my first win today” SLA

“won a £10 M and S voucher” CJ

“I won a scratching post for my cat” SC

“I won a Cherry Tree” TD

“I have won one just the other day” KM

“I had 6 wins ” SC

“ £600 from 7 prizes  Best month by far” SA

“I won the Ultimate snack attack hamper” SA

“I won a deck chair and a doll ” CB

“I won a mini football ” EN

“got a win tonight of a box of Fruitella gummies” LB

“won £250 Pets at Home voucher ” ELM

“Have won a meal and 2 show tickets” JW

“At last, my first win!!! ” YS

“ I won a designer cashmere sweater” LB

“A runners up prize from Freeman's” FF

“i won a bottle of dog shampoo” VH

“Won a Fanta beach towel ” SA

“My 1st win, tableware from Pro Cook” SJM

“I won a washing machine” PG

“ I, meanwhile, won a book on going to uni” TVT

“i won rugby tickets” TD

“I’ve won a patio set!” MW

“Had a win today ” SC

“First prize since April” CF

“Woo finally won” TW

“I won a cut and colour at a local salon” EM

“the book I won has arrived” SD

“I won £150 Love2Shop voucher ” SC

“I had a great week £100 L’occitaine eco shampoo set ” LB

“Just won £200” DS

“Won a football” TH

“Won a bottle of wine today” TS

“Tickets won today for Boogietown” AG

“I won a Yorkshire bundle of food goodies” LB

“I won £25” JP

“Having a great August 4 wins in 2 days” AG

“Won a book! ” JL

“It was a facebook win from the Christmas” EM

“won some cream” TD

“Won the VIP Summer bag from Capital Radio” PC

“Won £500 Cash” TC

“£1,175 on my Premium Bonds” AR

“I won 7 pairs of tickets ” CM

“my wins seem to have dried up” SC

“I won a Print from facebook” TD

“Had a cracking week last week” CH

“I won a water fountain for my cat” SC

“I won a VIP Chessington World of adventure stay ” JG

“I've only won one prize this year” TS

“won a book. that's it so far this year” CJ

“I've been lucky to win a few so far this year” AW

“Won two weeks worth of dry dog food” DW

“A good month for me. I won 6 bottles of Prosecco” TM

“Won a tankard today” AG

“My June wins” KM

“I won 12 bottles of Pago peach juice” TM

“I won a green chef box of 5 meals” SC

“I had a Facebook win” SK

“My win this month was a bag of horse feed” VH

“Today I won a meal from a Brazilian restaurant” AC

“ She’s won Eastbourne tennis tickets for us” TS

“won 2 x £10 amazon vouchers” EB

“I won a towel” TM

“FINALLY I won something!” TW

“I won £100 ticketmaster voucher” SC

“I've had an email to say I've won” ST

“I’ve had a great win today too” TS

“I’ve won 4 separate £1 Wrigleys voucher” SJ

“A £25 win on the Blossom Hill Wine draw” NW

“I won 6 bottles of Prosecco” TM

“I won some aftershave” EM

“Won 2 bottles of Whitley neill gin” AR

“I've won a bottle of gin” AR

“I won a google pixel” EB

“I won a 3 sets of garden lights” TW

“I won £200” SC

“I've only gone and won £500” MD

“Just won a Hornby locomotive....worth over £150” DS

“I’ve won a resistance band” KM

“Won Maker worth £729” TC

“I won an air fryer which i received yesterday” EM

“I’ve just won a prezzo voucher” FC

“won a book from RSPB” CJ

“I won a Dolce Gusto coffee machine” CH

“I won a Ben 10 toy hamper” EM

“I won a paddleboard” RCJT

“Only a fiver on the lottery” YS

“Won a dobble game” KM

“I won a £100 Currys voucher” MA

“ first win in a few months ” TB

“won a book today” TD

“I won £20 cash” SC

“I won £100 from pot noodle” JG

“I won a watch” LB

“I won a phonics set” MH

“I won my first prize this year” VM

“Finally a win. £100 Boots gift card” DJ

“ I had a good week.” SC

“I won a nice cookery book” FF

“I won my first ever prize last week” LG

“I won a phonics set” MH

“I won 4 tickets ” MA

“First prize for a while” ST

“I really miss the slogans” JW

“I won a chocolate prize” MA

“my husband won in a raffle - a win is a win” SD

“I had really good win” DM

“postcode lotto was my only win” EM

“Won some Christmas bedding!” DS

“I won a family ticket to barley hall ” NM

“I won a bottle of baileys” EM

“My partner won £1000” JW

“I won a flower card” PB

“I won the Simply Prizes in house £10 gift voucher” KW

“I won a bottle of my favourite perfume” SC

“I won skincare ” FC

“I won a Fairfax and Favour handbag” AC

“I won a kids bed set” EM

“I won a book about the menopause” SR

“I won a bag for myself and a friend ” LB

“won a Coronation Hamper today” TM

“I won a toothbrush charger” DS

“Won a football shirt” TH

“won a box of cosmetics” CJ

“Won a cinema voucher” EN

“won a £500 lingerie voucher” JB

“Won some sunflower seeds” VH

“i won lots of shower gels” TD

“Won an electric toothbrush” PB

“Just won som Ben and Jerry I’ve cream” CL

“I found out I'd won a fab Canon camera” CF

“I won a £50 Katie Loxton voucher ” TA

“Won a signed book ” MW

“I won the Postcards on the Postcard Store Draw ” DL

“I won lots of crafting stuff totaling £150” TD

“my first prize in I don't know how long” SF

“I won £50 Amazon voucher” SC

“Won 4 books” LB

“I won two comps on Facebook” EM

“Had my best win ever” KLH

“today I won £1000 tesco voucher” KT

“I won some candles and wax melts.” SC

“Won an easter egg” FMP

“I won a box of cosmetics” CJ

“I won a fitbit versa 4 ” RS

“I won a book” PC

“I won a £50 site credit ” SC

“Won a Baby Born & Tiny Tom” TD

“I won an electric fur blanket” RS

“Won £600 worth of holiday vouchers ” JB

“I won a book &...Super Mario merchandise” CM

“Best win for a couple of years” KT

“I’ve won a nights stay at Lewinnick Lodge hotel ” KB

“£20 cinema voucher” EG

“I won a voucher” ELM

“won a clothes selection” CJ

“Won a beauty hamper” KT

“I won an air fryer” CM

“My best Feb win was hunter wellies” MH

“I finally enjoyed a February win” FF

“I won 1001 merchandise” SA

“I won a spa day ” SC

“I won another two cinema tickets” EM

“i won a £10 dunelm Voucher ” TD

“I won my first prize” LL

“I won a lovely bag” TM

“Won this yesterday” TH

“I won 2 advents” SA

“I have got a win at last and it's a cracker!” KLH

“amazing January with multiple wins” FF

“Won postcards, but would like a bigger win” TW

“i won some coffee” RS

“ I’ve won a puddlesuit” MH

“cheered me up winning a lovely...bag” TM

“Two wins this week” EM

“Won a Hollands goodie bag and a book” TH

“I won a outdoor swimming bundle worth £250” SF

“I won a £50 Asda voucher” JR

“2 prizes in 2 days” SF

“won £450 on premium bonds” SJ

“Won a cross stitch snowdrop landscape” JW

“Well worth waiting for this win ” AD

“I won an Urban Eats football” SC

“Instagram win today” SA

“Won a veganuary draw” PB

“Just won a coffee machine ” AG

“won a mug and a book” SD

“Happy to get a prize” JD

“I’ve won a full set of Top Trump cards” JB

“I won a smart phone” AH

“I won £250 on the Walkers comp” SC

“49 wins totaling £1,324” JR

“11 wins” EB

“37 wins for me” LB

“won a small handbag” KB

“I won 22 separate Comps” ELM

“aprox £50 2 wins” JM

“I've only won 1 comp...£1000 ” TH

“Won 2 small hampers” SH

“£2500 and 5 wins ” DC

“I won a diamond necklace worth £700 ” SR

“Hey I won!! ” AL

“I won a 9ct gold opal heart ring” TM

“won a cap in an advent competition” DHPM

“I’ve won a cuddly toy ” AL

“Won a bottle of wine” BJS

“I've won 2 nights in a shepherd's hut” CR

“Just won £50 to spend at Creams” CN

“I won tickets to see my football team” FC

“Won a gandys gift bundle” SM

“much to my surprise I won a few” FF

“I won a Christmas jumper” TM

“I won an Indian food tour ” NB

“Won a leather toilet bag ” LHD

“Won a 50" smart TV ” RH

“Won a £100 Baileys chocolate hamper” DS

“Managed to win a Christmas Hamper” SM

“Latest wins a £20 Uber eats voucher...and £250” SA

“I won an amazon voucher today” KIS

“Had 8 wins this month” TC

“ Postie delivered some perfume I won” RH

“Good news is my comp prize arrived” SD

“Won a £100 voucher from Rococo Chocolates” TM

“I’ve won some activities for my toddler” LJ

“I've won my first ever advent!” SB

“I’ve had another win today” TS

“I’ve just won....hamper worth £260” JW

“Won a Kindle Fire HD today” TS

“I won 2 tickets to the Shard” SLT

“I made the rabbit happy ” PW

“won £250 of quality drawing materials” KLH

“That's me up to 7 advent wins” EM

“I had a good week!” JJ

“Won a collection of stuff ” KL

“I won Wax Melts ” TD

“Won some PJ's ” KG

“...but did win a fire pit worth £269” KW

“Have won 2 tickets to see Les Miserables” TM

“First big win for 5 years” KLH

“had my first advent win” SC

“I had my first win..a baker boy hat ” LR

“I've done well so far” CH

“I won some slipper socks” CB

“I won a treat box for my cats ” SC

“i won some wax melts ” TD

“Just won a complete set of cutlery” KL

“I won this today” CSH

“I’ve won a packet of treats for our dog” JJB

“I won this lovely prize today” FF

“I won £25 on win a dinner ” SM

“I won a £50 jewellery voucher” PW

“I won a Dyson Airwrap” PB

“I got a win!!!” AT

“I’ve won a chocolate prize” MS

“I won a Christmas jumper today” TM

“I won some lego! ” ST

“Won a family voucher ice skating” ML

“2 advent wins” KLH

“i won a book ” TD

“1 win so far” JSP

“I have had 2 wins on there today” KLH

“won one prize” FMP

“Today I won a £200 supermarket voucher” SA

“yesterday I won a graze box ” EM

“I have a win for 2 tickets ” DL

“I to see Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot” DC

“I won a book from fabulous magazine” SA

“not a big win but keeps the confidence up” CJ

“I’ve had two wins” SM

“Pleased to report won a Fitbit 3 ” SD

“I won a Minions bundle” ST

“Just won a dyson airwrap” PB

“I won 2 advent calendars” SC

“I won an advent calendar” KL

“I've actually won 2 things in a week” LMW

“i had a few wins , Amazon Echo Dot” TD

“ I had a little local Facebook win ” EM

“I had my first win for ages” JR

“I had a fantastic week. I won a suitcase” SC

“Won a signed book” TH

“my partner won a hair shine spray” JW

“I just won two tkts to old Trafford” EM

“I won a 3d printer” CF

“I won a Halloween crate” AF

“I won a rather large outdoor Shaun the Sheep ” PB

“Finally got my 1st win of the month” ELM

“I won a lovely Halloween selection box” TM

“a win from a Brewdog competition” KIS

“bagging wins worth over 2k” TAS

“i won £100 on voinic shoes ” TD

“I’ve won a Halloween personalized crate” AF

“I won a wax melt mystery box today” SC

“I won a foot pamper pack” SC

“Won £500 for a crossword ” DS

“won a football” DM

“Won a Xmas wreath” PB

“I won a book, which I've received” EM

“Just won a cruise for 2” JM

“won a £200 Tesco gift card” AJC

“I had a little Halloween win today” CC

“Just won a 7/12 day cruise ” JM

“Not won much...but made up for it this week ” CS

“Won 4 day tickets to disneyland Paris ” KS

“I went on talk sports radio for a quiz” EN

“I won a bottle of absolute vodka! ” JM

“I won a tablet” SA

“I won a kids book about goddesses” EM

“I won a bundle of kids books” JJB

“I had a little Halloween win today” CC

“Pleased to report a win” SD

“It was like a double win” JJB

“Won a toy Andrex puppy” DS

“I won Swimwear” CL

“Just won some sun cream” AM

“I won £5 at the bingo” EM

“I just won this not 100% sure what it is” EN

“I won £50 Morrisons voucher” SC

“I won a trinket dish” SC

“a beer glass from Brewdog instant win” JW

“i won wax melts and a keyring” TD

“I won a new mattress” TVT

“I got lucky this week” DC

“I’ve won a £100 Love 2 Shop voucher” CSH

“Won a book” KG

“I only had a little win...but a win is a win” JB

“ new sofa delivered...which i won in August” CJ

“I won a gorgeous Geometric Stationery Set ” TM

“I was extremely lucky and won £700” SM

“I won an Andrex puppy” SC

“I won a set of 3 novels” SA

“been trying for weeks to win one” JW

“After a lean spell I won” KW

“I won a £50 amazon voucher” CL

“I won a 3 month Readly subscription” SC

“I won a £60 games bundle” JSP

“ A welcome runner up prize” ELM

“I won a candle hamper” EM

“I won a book and necklace” SA

“I won two VIP tickets to see Elton John” JB

“came this morning from a Twitter win” DM

“I won a glamping break” ELM

“I won a family ticket to Megaslam wrestling tour ” EM

“I won some Christmas hedgehogs” JVB

“I won a lovely Kipling backpack” JB

“I won a Sterling Silver Necklace” TD

“I won a jacket from Cotswold outdoors” AF

“Won 2 tickets to the races” AS

“I won a picnic set” SC

“I won a 2 drawer pedestal” KC

“I had my best win yet” MP

“Won ringside circus tickets” JB

“My partner won £30 ” JW

“Won this, not tried it yet” AM

“I won two tickets to an open air cinema” MD

“Best haul in ages” SB

“I won a Book ” TD

“I won some amazing prizes” JB

“I won an Uber Eats voucher ” SC

“that's definitely a win” TH

“I won a gorgeous I love my Cat cushion” TM

“I won £50 from that's life magazine” CM

“won a day out in Wales” JP

“won a Samsung Washing machine” DM

“I had a good week! 3 separate wins ” ELM

“I've won a Doves free from hamper” ST

“I won a hoodie” SC

“went on a Glamping Break I won ” ELM

“Just won a book ” JP

“I won some tickets to a show” VH

“£2000 sofa I won last week.” CJ

“Won £400 Amazon gift cards” LJY

“I won an electric bike” JB

“I won tickets to see James Arthur” AJC

“I finally won something, £150” BC

“I won an art deco bracelet” MD

“I won an overnight hotel stay” NB

“ I won some bath goodies” AT

“I won an instax mini camera” SC

“I won a £250 voucher for blinds2go” TVT

“I won a case of WKD” CB

“I won a year's supply of washing liquid” CM

“Won a cruise around the fjords Norway” DS

“I won a smartwatch” ST

“last week won £20 fish n chips voucher” CF

“Won a pair of tickets to the Tendring show ” JL

“I won 5 prizes in a week!” CL

“Won tickets to The Eagles ” SMYN

“I won a case of nappies” MH

“Won two tickets to womens Euro's” MW

“Won a lovely toy ” AP

“I won a T towel” MW

“Second prize £30 Paddington jubilee books” JP

“I won a pair of tickets to the Gardener's Live event” PB

“I won 4 tickets to the London e-prix” VM

“i won two tickets to the balance festival ” TD

“I’ve won Sunday roast dinner for 2 ” CL

“A win on the premium bonds” VH

“I won a book in a local newspaper competition” JL

“won £250 of seafood” TS

“I won a three duvet” VH

“I won the Armor All/Halfords comp” NB

“I won a new lawnmower” CB

“20 wins totalling £385” SC

“biggest month in a long time!” LB

“I've won a gas barbecue.” MD

“I’ve just won a jubilee t towel” MW

“£225 worth of prizes for me” FF

“comp win added up to £182” TD

“I’ve won a £2,000 voucher” TB

“First proper win this year” VM

“won £35 patch plants voucher today” SC

“Won a book last week” TH

“I won a jubilee barbecue pack and meals” AF

“I won VIP Tickets to see Elton John” JB

“I won the best magazine talking table” RH

“First prize! First week!” JP

“I won a moomin book” HCW

“I won a board game” MA

“ won £2000 on Absolute Radio!!” TVT

“I won these for my kids” HC

“A biggie for me after a dry spell” JSP

“I've won a £100 amazon voucher” CL

“I won a £50 Sainsburys voucher” MP

“I won a slow cooker” TS

“won 2 tickets to The Alice Cooper Tour ” TSA

“I won an M&M's bundle” DR

“I won a book” JP

“I won a Butterfly & Bee House” TD

“won Snowdonia Cheese Company goodies” PB

“I won a Magnitone....Exfoliator last week” CJT

“I won 2 tickets to bristol bears vs exeter chiefs” TD

“I won my first comp of the year ” HL

“Last week I won a jubilee party decorating kit.” EM

“i won a candle and some fererro rocher” TD

“I won 4 tickets to the girls day out show” EM

“I’ve had phone call from capital radio won outdoor entertainment package” SJ

“I’ve just won 2 tickets to see Blondie” JB

“A great week! Won an iPad” TW

“ got an email to say I’d won a snack hamper” AS

“a win on twitter ” JB

“I won a signed book and a bath bomb” AH

“Just won some sweeties on Instagram” PB

“Just won limited edition monopoly game ” SJ

“part of an Easter win” JR

“arrived today, all one win” VH

“Finally a win” CP

“I have won a lovely light fitting” VH

“I won this wine” AM

“I won a huge bar of Cadbury Chocolate” DM

“I’ve just won a fairfax and favor collection!” MC

“I won a Radley Keyring today” MA

“i won a mat” TD

“I've won a Yoshi leather purse” SR

“I’ve just won some Easter eggs” TS

“ I won £50 Premium Bonds and lunch ” TS

“I won a pair of tickets to a preview screening of Downton” CM

“I won a hotel chocolat hamper and bouquet” SA

“I won a Bouquet of flowers” SC

“I won a bar of Easter chocolate” DS

“I won...a big box of creme eggs today” ELM

“I won a massive paddling pool ” EM

“I won some biscuits from Biscuiteers” SM

“Just won this today!!! ” EM

“I was lucky enough to win a lovely silver necklace” LC

“Won a £15 aldi voucher” TW

“I won a curry pot” AF

“3 wins in March for me” ELM

“I had a surprise win from Airfix” CJT

“I won a book from talk sport ” EN

“Then another win” VH

“I won a luxury Cornwall 2 night break” DH

“Won some flowers” PC

“I won a 50 inch TV ” LS

“Won a £50 gift voucher” DC

“made-up to win a £250 Bluewater Gift Card ” WT

“I won 5 packs of assorted Sunflower seeds ” HC

“I won 4 tickets for GoApe” KG

“just had two emails saying I’ve won” TS

“message today saying I'd won a bottle of Jameson whisky” CM

“Won some tickets and a car pass” VH

“Won an - all expenses luxury cruise” NL

“I won an ironing system” DS

“Not 1 but 2 wins on Twitter ” CJT

“I've won some lovely chicken ham and leek pie” EN

“I won a DVD” LB

“I won Some vegan Recipes & a Notebook” TD

“I had a win in February” DW

“Won some Adams Family pencils” CF

“I was pleased to recently win a two night break ” AE

“Bumper week of small wins here” LB

“Won some sweets yesterday” JS

“a good week for me” AC

“I won some some cheese and biscuit” KG

“i won 2 tickets to se the wanted” TD

“Won pass the pugs game” KM

“I won a £50 evoucher” BC

“Won a bottle of aftershave” MS

“3rd year I’ve won one” ELM

“I won a body pump barbell set ” MH

“I’m very excited, won a £250 B&Q e voucher” EB

“I won a Minion ” SC

“first win in many months” SD

“ I’ve won a £500 travel voucher” MT

“Did win a £50 jewellery voucher ” KG

“I just won £400 love to shop vouchers today” GL

“Won £10 on postcode lottery” CF

“today i won 2 , tckets to see the wanted” TD

“Won 2 tickets for local music show” TW

“won a Product of the year goodie bag” TC

“Won the 20 books shortlisted for the Costa Book Awards” DT

“I won a years supply of comfort” MH

“I've won a beanie hat” SR

“Won a book today” ST

“I won a light fitting” CL

“I have had notification of a win” SD

“I had a fantastic week.” SC

“I won a stomp rocket ” ST

“Won some hand made soaps ” VH

“I won a pass the pugs game” AJC

“I won a HUGE box of fancy chocs ” EM

“won a Build a Bear Minion” TD

“I won a chippy family meal” AF

“i won 2 micro white Scooters” LB

“I won a local fitness class pass” AD

“I won some cat food and treats ” WT

“I’ve won a 2 night glamping break” SW

“I won a pair of reusable cups” CM

“I won wax melts” SC

“I just won a £100 ASK voucher” SC

“I won £50 from That’s Life crime magazine” SJ

“I won £25 from a crossword magazine” PC

“I won a FatBat crossbody bag” SM

“Won a £50 voucher” TW

“Won a lovely book on knitting ” PB

“started the month with a win ” KLH

“I’ve won a 3 course meal for two” TS

“I’ve already had 2 Feb wins ” MH

“Won 5 things in total ” KG

“Won a cross stitch kit” KM

“Three wins in January” AC

“6 wins for me in January” JR

“Hubby won a trolley full of Morrisons food and drink” PC

“My 1st win in January” CL

“I won 5 boxes of Mackie's haggis flavour crisps” EM

“I won a lovely very fancy silver and lace evening bag” JB

“I won £150 cash” SS

“Won 2 tickets to a bakery masterclass” TVT

“I went and won an amazing pizza oven ” AA

“Won....trips to Argentina and South Africa” TS

“I won a Stanley Bobble Hat” SK

“1 win , a recovery set” TD

“My 2 wins on Thursday” PB

“I won about £15 worth in the advents” BW

“My Xmas wins came to 1,300” JM

“I won 2” SA

“Only won one, but it was for £2000” PC

“I won a Barbour sweatshirt ” JL

“I won a face mask a song book” DC

“I won a cleaning bundle” MD

“I won a pure deluxe hybrid mattress” CM

“I’ve won a set of 3 bra’s !” CL

“2 wins for me” KT

“A win arrived from a couple of weeks ago” MD

“I won with walkers crisp few years ago” TW

“I’ve won an all expenses paid trip to the Australian Grand Prix” TVT

“ I’ve won a couple of nights in a posh hotel” JB

“I've won a week in Ibiza through MTV” HH

“won a week in Yorkshire” ELM

“I won a cottage in Shropshire... for a week” VM

“ won a holiday to Nice and Monaco ” AF

“had to look it up on a map when I got the winning email” KW

“ive won about 4 weekends in london” JM

“won a holiday to tampa Bay” CJ

“I won a coach trip to Paris” JR

“Last year I won a weekend in London” EM

“ I won £1000” SD

“Two of my favourite wins” TS

“£1000....on a caption competition” JE

“my very first win 30 years ago” EB

“I've won an Apple tv” PC

“I won £1000 from a radio competition” TVT

“I’ve won £1000 twice ” KL

“I won a 4star theatre break” JP

“I won a Barbour jacket” KG

“ won £100 voucher to spend at loopylegs” SJ

“I've won £200 to spend on their online shop” SR

“I won a lovely handmade Victoria Sponge Cake” MD

“I won 6 bottles of Tricky Cider” DR

“Won some cycling gloves ” VH

“won a cinema voucher and a supply of biscuits” CJ

“Won £10K on Tipping Point” SR

“I was on.....who wants to be a millionaire” JM

“I won a M&S token from Best before Christmas” RH

“Won this on the 1st January...worth £1,600” CN

“My first win of 2022 a shopping bag” FF

“I won £30 from coke” DM

“I won my 1st prize at the end of December,” TS

“I won a £500 Amazon voucher ” AB

“An advent win today” JR

“Through the year I have won 84 comps” KG

“I won £200 from take a break” MN

“won a couple of small prizes over the year” SJ

“21 prizes for me in 2021” ELM

“I won a board game” NC

“ I managed 3 small wins in 2021” AS

“29 wins totalling Just under £4.5k” IM

“had one big win £2000 worth of tech gear” MS

“I’ve won approx 75 prizes totalling 21k” LL

“have won a few small prizes” RH

“1 prize from Twitter for me” PB

“am now a believer in Instagram competitions” MS

“I've won 5 so far this advents” SC

“I’ve done better this year than ever before. Four prizes so far” MP

“I've won 5 great prizes in the advents” PR

“ just won...a hamper of flavoured water and a blanket.” CSH

“won £250 shopping vouchers” TT

“I won the Lloyds Pharmacy bundle of goodies worth over £300” HH

“I've won a gel nail polish, £100 slaters voucher ” EM

“I creased up when this prize turned up” AM

“I have had a few wins totalling £280” BW

“5 insta wins for me so far. About £300 worth” MS

“up to about 5 or 6 wins so far” JB

“I've also won 7 totaling £228” JR

“I just got this little win this morning” EM

“So far I've had 5 wins....totally up to over £500” TSA

“my best win is a bracelet worth over £285” TT

“ i won a mug on the 1st day” CB

“I’ve managed to win a years worth” SP

“just won a year’s supply of Zoflora ” AB

“I love the advents” TL

“ Won a couple of kiddies watches” BK

“Just won a yoga mat ” KM

“had a lovely win today of £500 in the vouchers” DG

“Brilliant, 3rd Instagram win” MS

“I had my first win today” JP

“I'm in shock I've won a competition” MD

“I’ve had a few wins the last couple of days” JB

“Two wins today from the Advents” HH

“Won something to keep food fresh in the fridge” KG

“All Instagram wins so far” MS

“£50 cash on the Pepsi instant win” JR

“I won a fancy box of Christmas Fudge” SA

“Won a box of 20 Cadbury chocolate pudding chocolates” KM

“i won a green science set” TD

“I've just won a cocktail masterclass” SR

“Won 5 tickets to the world darts championship” PW

“I won the horse a garlic lick today” PW

“Finally had an advent win” KLH

“Won a beautiful, scented candle” DS

“I've won 2 small decorated real Christmas Trees” HH

“I won a 2 night stay in Cardiff” YB

“I've won a doggie treat bag” AM

“My boys have won a huge bundle of doggie stuff” ELM

“I have won a Christmas Jumper” FF

“I won a prize from Sylvanians families today” TL

“Also won a nice big roasting pan” JB

“Won a Nespresso machine!” MW

“I’ve won a Hotel Chocolat wreath” MP

“Won a McDonalds Christmas Jumper” AB

“I have won a candle and a tea towel” KG

“Won my first advent comp (ever!)” SD

“ won a hamper of CBD goodies ” TAS

“First win on the advents” CB

“Won a travel mug today x” LM

“Today i won a Green Science Set” TD

“Won some chocolates” MW

“first time I've entered advents” EG

“Won a bracelet worth £195” JJ

“My husband has won a mug” MD

“ i won a christmas bauble” TD

“I won a ring doorbell today” MA

“I’ve had 4 wins so far!” AH

“Won a lovely undie set from day one ” KW

“i have won 2 already” KC

“I won a complete puppy pack” KM

“I won a complete puppy pack” KM

“looking forward to hitting those advents” JLT

“I won Sunday lunch...1st win in a VERY very long time!” VJ

“I won a...stay at Eurodisney - my best win ever” DG

“I won a beer taster pack ” PW

“I've just won a mystery prize ” PR

“Won a Mary Berry cookbook today” AJC

“I won a 1GorillaPod® Custom 1K Kit Tripod” TM

“Just won a Mexican food bundle” EN

“My best week ever...excited for the advents” ML

“I won a notebook ....lots of different prizes to be won every day” JR

“I won dog treats....I love the quick turn around of the advents” ELM

“I’ve won tickets to the good food show” AM

“4 Christmas hampers , it was 1 prize” EB

“I won a home security system” BW

“i had 2 wins in the same week” KC

“I won almost a prize a day during the advents” HH

“I won a Jeremy Clarkson book ” PW

“ I won a load of dog treats” JR

“I won a shark hoover bundle ” MB

“I won the years subscription to Disney+” SA

“I won a £1000 Tesco voucher” JS

“Today I won a 4K tv” GL

“I won a £100 voucher for go outdoors” JMY

“I've won a lindt advent calendar” TW

“I recently won a lovely wax melts gift set” TA

“I won £30 recently” BC

“I won a dunelm voucher” AM

“I’ve won a £500 STIHL voucher” GL

“won year supply of dishwasher tablets” SSB

“I just won twice this morning ” DM

“I have won £175 of activewear leggings” BW

“I've won 2 advent calendars” CL

“I won a t-shirt” CP

“I won a three hours Xmas master class ” PC

“I won 4 VIP tickets to Taste of London” KG

“Had a nice win of some coconut goodies” TAS

“My first win in months ” TW

“My granddaughter won some beautiful books” MS

“I won Chocolate Gingerbread men” TD

“won a £100 in a magazine comp” CJ

“First win in ages a Nutrabullet ” KC

“1st wins in a long while” CJ

“1st wins in a long while £30 voucher and a supply of cat food” CJ

“Won a family meal at Frankie & Benny’s” ELM

“Two wins...One a bobble hat” VH

“1 win Tickets to Living North Christmas Fayre” TD

“Won a belazu first instant win” EG

“Won £10 from a puzzle magazine” JL

“As well as winning the In House comp this week” AD

“I won a child's book making kit” SA

“Got 1st win this month” PW

“Had two wins both for the cat” ST

“Won £20 and a lucky dip” DS

“Won a radiance 5 day mindful cleanse worth £370” KM

“I got a win today!” AT

“I won 2 tickets to spirit of Christmas at Olympia” JM

“Won some cat treats” LW

“Won a book from Fabulous magazine” PW

“I won £100 from Real People Mag” DR

“Won a phone from Real People” TH

“daughter won £100 bikini on Instagram” TS

“I won tickets to Stoke City ” EN

“ just one win this year of a book” SJ

“I found it hard to believe what I had actually won!” HH

“I won £2000 vouchers for Sainsbury's and B&Q” SD

“I won a year's supply of Salad Cream” VM

“I won a years supply of Chanel foundation” RK

“I won a years supply of Sunpat Peanut Butter” DG

“First win ever! ” LCR

“I won a year’s delivery of veg/fruit box” GB

“recently won a years Subscription to Sky Q” HH

“won a year's supply of liz earle hot cloth cleanser ” JL

“won a years supply of Ricola Swiss Herbal Sweets” SH

“the most useful prize I’ve ever won!” KM

“I won a year's supply of Ora Kitchen Towels” HC

“One year's worth of flowers...It was a wonderful prize” JP

“I won a year's subscription of Easyo yoghurts” TSA

“I won a years supply of cheese!” GL

“I won a year's supply of Kingsmill bread” MM

“won a years supply of Holland's Pies” IM

“I won a years supply of Arm & Hammer toothpaste” DD

“I won a year of gin and tonic ” AB

“won a pumpkin door Mat” CB

“I won a £65 gift card for Tesco” AJC

“I found an email congratulating me on winning” VH

“A good week for me, I won the following” JR

“I did not know I had won” KG

“My holiday in Corfu that I won” CW

“Won a set of 5 bralets” SM

“Won a voucher for Crown paint” DS

“Won a packet of dog treats” SD

“I won a dinner set worth £200” HH

“Ended on Friday winning £100 Amazon voucher” DM

“won a trip to tampay bay” CJ

“Maldives holiday I won” CM

“I won a sprouting tub” KM

“I won a big box of dog treats and toys” SM

“A small win on my premium bonds” VH

“2 small prizes today” ST

“Won this from Nicoretre” ALE

“I won a £100 amazon voucher” CL

“I won 2 nights in london” EM

“Yesterday I won some books and meals ” TD

“Finally had a win! ” AS

“ I've won a Wilson kids tennis racket” TW

“i won a trampoline. YES!!!” CW

“I had my first prize in over 2 years” LHD

“I won some string lights” SB

“I won £500 on a Heart comp!” VM

“I won a frying pan worth £125” CM

“I'm made up. I won a festive sleigh” CL

“I won a xaomi smart watch” DM

“I won some National Geographic kids books” JB

“Won a 3 month online magazine subscription” KT

“My prize today” MS

“Won some bird food” CF

“ I am a competition addict ” JB

“I record wins on a spreadsheet” VM

“I write down all my wins in a book” VH

“I enter whenever I have some spare time” TS

“won a fairy portrait comp” TD

“I won a popcorn machine from londis! ” TW

“just won £150 of Wilko vouchers” ST

“Keeping the comping faith” SS

“I won some beautiful candles and soap” MN

“I won a £10 Amazon voucher” MC

“I won a lot of horse stuff ” VH

“Won a personalised plaque” CL

“won a bike hire subscription and some cycling kit” IM

“won some tickets...for a horse event” VH

“I've had a few wins this week” CM

“Won a puzzle mag subscription” DS

“I won a McDonalds picnic rug, and £250 voucher” JW

“I won a saddle cloth for my horse ” VH

“ I won a cake tin.....and the LG sound bar” PC

“had a lovely win this week” TF

“I won cinema tickets. Yay.” LTP

“I won a fidget advent calendar” CB

“I won 4 tickets to a festival” EMW

“I've won a 4 night seacation cruise” DR

“I've won a bottle of organic prosecco ” TS

“Just won a cleaning bundle” MC

“Won £25 by clicking on link on nectar card” TW

“I won an all inclusive week holiday to Rhodes” HH

“I won a seven night 5* break to Santorini” MW

“Won theatre lovely Torquay” TW

“My First Competition Win...I’ve won £200 ” MN

“I won a BBQ” SM

“Won a Capital FM comp” MA

“I have won a saddle cloth for my horse” VH

“today I've won tickets to a football match” TH

“ I've won 3 cases of fox's glacier moments” JR

“I won £50 voucher to use on Equestrian/Dog stuff” ML

“won a ....week on the Isle of Wight” LW

“I’ve been on a holiday that I won” ELM

“Ive just won a £2500 Virgin Holiday Voucher” GL

“I also won this” CB

“Entered the code and got a personalised cake tin” PC

“I won a gardening kit” BJS

“I won £100 from That’s Life magazine” DS

“I won a £10 voucher for a coffee shop” VM

“a box was delivered a surprise win” LB

“I won 95 birthday Queen Elizabeth2 mug” RH

“I won a dab digital radio” YB

“Only a few wins for me this month!” JT

“i won a watch” TD

“I won a health hamper” VH

“I won the virgin hot air balloon ride” GL

“I won 2 lighter life starter packs and a travel backpack.” LB

“ I won something gardening related” JB

“I won a £10k home and garden bundle” VR

“Won a 2 night luxury break in Kensington London” DJ

“Won a ring 4 doorbell!” SMR

“I’ve won a dream garden” DM

“I won a signed painting of Rabbie Burns” EM

“I won a ps8, an xbox series 33” CW

“my golden wonder crisps arrived ” SAG

“I won a £10 coffee voucher” VM

“Won cinema tickets today!” KL

“Won a sweet treats hamper ” DS

“ I won a Xmas stocking” NMW

“I won a lazy spa yesterday” SM

“Won a Silver Car Service” TS

“Won... tickets to rugby... and £100...vouchers” PW

“daughter won a....£50 dinner ” TS

“won a personalised cake tin ” MA

“I won £100 amazon voucher” EM

“a tesco text win competition” SM

“I won a year's supply of gin ” CB

“l won a trip to old Trafford” ST

“had my first win a Horrible Histories book” JJ

“I've won 6 cinema tickets” CL

“i won a book and a bunny” TD

“I have won a T shirt” CB

“A prize that I won the other wk arrived” CL

“3 instant wins & a voucher” JR

“I've won 6 cinema tickets” CL

“I won a football, some Lily O'Brien sharing bags” KG

“Well June was good” AM

“June I won some wax melts” EM

“one win in June afternoon tea worth £69” ELM

“I've won some Heineken football stuff” TS

“I won wax melts” AM

“This I what I won” MS

“I won a set of skeleton keys books” AA

“i won a book” TD

“I won a canvas picture of my lovely cat” TC

“I won a Mardi Gras make up pallet” DM

“I was one of the golden wonder winners” SAG

“First Instagram win ever ” LB

“Won £500 to spend on the garden and a Hippo bag” PB

“I won a father's day graze box” EM

“have won an afternoon tea....with champagne today” ELM

“I have won a bouquet of pride roses” AM

“Won a..toy dog at Coral Island if that counts” MA

“I won a Roast Beef Box” PR

“finally had a win after a lean spell” AM

“I won a tankard for my husband” CB

“I've won a poundstretcher voucher” CL

“Won a full outfit which arrived today” ELM

“Won a Philips speaker” CE

“I won a dragon” AM

“I’ve won a book and a HUGE baking tray” JB

“I won a Metallic Aerial Photo” LB

“won tickets to HRH Prog...Blues...All won today” TD

“won 2 football books” TH

“I won a bunny rabbit ” CB

“I won my first comp today” JW

“ I've won a little bunny” CB

“I won annual cinema passes and a £100 gift card ” JR

“I won a pack of dog treats on twitter today” EM

“I won a free week at Nuffield gym” CB

“Really pleased with our win Hamper from Peter's yard” DJ

“my first win a personalised childs book” DM

“Won a dvd and champagne ” MW

“Had my first win of the month this morning” EM

“ I won 2 bottles of Prosecco” AM

“Won a great cricket kit from Bourne sport” EN

“I won £10 on the Doritos instant win” MA

“won a case of galaxy cookies” SAG

“l won a prize this week from Joyce Everly jewellery” ST

“Pleased to report a win, well two” SD

“I won another box of sweets and a £25 takeaway voucher” CL

“Won tickets to HRH Road Trip in Ibiza” TD

“I won this for my daughter” CB

“I won a 5* afternoon tea for two ” TS

“won a two night for two stay in a luxury hotel” SD

“£200 worth of wine” SM

“I won a...beach towel...and a bbq hamper worth £700” EM

“I won a personalised diary worth £175” CW

“I won a pet hamper ” ELM

“ I won a huge Gas BBQ bundle and garden games” DM

“ I won midsomer murders series 15 on dvd” KM

“won a comp today yaaaa , tacos and taco stand” TD

“I have won £100 from Chat magazine” LW

“I have won a dress from Red magazine ” DS

“This is a win from couple weeks ago” CF

“won a pair of Muck boots and a couple of cushions” IM

“I won a bottle of Prosecco!” AM

“Daughter won £250 Tesco vouchers! x” TS

“2 wins in a wk” CL

“Thai cookbook and £50 voucher for restaurant” EB

“Won a watch this week” PW

“Won a case of wine today and a feast box” SM

“Won a deluxe snoozeshade today” AT

“I won a hamper of treats” CL

“I've won a cookbook too” JR

“2 wins in a wk! After a dry spell” CL

“I won a micro machine car bundle” JH

“Won a madeira cake” TH

“I actually won something! A house plant with pot” SH

“Just won a lovely diamond ring.” VH

“Hooray finally won. A Baby Born Magic Doll” JSP

“I won a breakfast platter from my local Morrisons” NC

“I won £500 this week ” CB

“Just won £50 of dog food ! ” CF

“I’ve done really well this week... £100 Pandora card” LL

“I've won a lovely velvet dog bed” MD

“I won an Italian food box and a Lonely Planet Travel Guide!” FM

“Just won a ladies and men’s fragrance” PB

“Won a family day at Bear Grylls adventure” IM

“i won 2 hotel chocolates boxes” CH

“Won some ice cream which was delivered today” KG

“I won 3 this week” SM

“ I have won two children’s books and a Blu-ray DVD” JB

“I've won a crochet a sock kit...and a beautiful antique candlestick” JR

“I won a book, which lists 500 things to see/go to in the world.” MD

“Won £50 of meat, collecting tomorrow” CF

“Won some coffee on FB yesterday” TH

“I won a pan on Instagram” TVT

“I won £500 to spend at Vionic Shoes” CM

“I win a Mega prize bundle of horsey stuff ( £250)” ML

“I won this beauty on Instagram” CC

“Today I won £600 worth of Amazon vouchers” MC

“I won my first comp last week” CW

“Won the Herring shoes racing bag” CR

“Won a knitting book today” LM

“my daughter won a Dior coffee table book and £80 candle” TS

“I won a £50 Morrison voucher” LB

“Won a Marcella DVD set” PW

“I've won some vegan products” JR

“Won some....smoothies and a print” PB

“Very good March for me 17 in total” JR

“had a win yesterday” HA

“I won 4 in March” CM

“Won this from Lloyd's bank” CB

“Determination is the name of the comping game!” VH

“I won a pizza!” CG

“2 wins in 2 days!!” AT

“A bit random but I won a bottle of Pepsi Max” DS

“I won a leather/cowhide purse” CM

“Won some bulbs and seeds for the garden” CB

“today won tickets to HRH GOTH & HRH ABC” TD

“I won a Villa holiday” MM

“I've won 2 TVs” JW

“won an all expenses trip to the Australian Grand Prix ” TVT

“I won a trip to a private island in the Seychelles” CBS

“Prizes that I won included a car” JP

“I was lucky enough to win....£1200” JM

“I won a box of McCoys crisps” LB

“I won an Easter hamper full of eggs” EM

“had my first win of the year!” AS

“today I won holiday with heart radio to lanzarote” SM

“Won a sweet hamper on Instagram” PR

“good month so far, 14 wins so far” JR

“I won a 2nd prize on Instagram” CM

“ I won £250 worth of plantable cards” AB

“I won £2500 worth of tech stuff” MS

“I won this mug” CB

“Won £250 worth of stationery” DS

“I won these for mother's day” CB

“I won £100 with kitkat purchase comp today ” CMH

“I won a Mother’s Day bundle for my Mum” ELM

“I won £25 Amazon voucher” SM

“I won a Handle-It Cup Holder & Tickets” TD

“I won £250 worth of wallpaper” LL

“I won the Wanderlust competition for a trip to St Lucia” AF

“I won a shampoo hamper last night !” AM

“Just won a hamper from a local firm” ST

“won a bag of chocolate orange mint fisherman friend” TD

“Won 500 bottles of hand sanitizer and mask” DM

“Ive won a hobbit house for the garden” CL

“I won a set of Aida, for cross stitching” MD

“Comping then and now!” SA

“I won a book from The Sun” KW

“I have just won an Elemis cleansing product ” PB

“Won £50 worth kids book in a world book day comp!” TW

“I just won a frisbee” KM

“I have won a pair of designer glasses” SW

“won some DVD's today.” TH

“woke up to 2 wins this morning” CM

“I’ve won a wok and a bottle of soy sauce !” PW

“I won £500 PetsPyjamas vouchers” ELM

“I won some postcards & Calvin Klein underwear” KG

“I joined simply prizes and won a weekend away” VS

“i won this strawberry and chocolate lindt cake” KT

“I won a pair of jodhpurs” VH

“I won this, so very happy.” CL

“I won a bath board last night” CM

“I won 6 bottles of wine” HA

“I won a £10 Starbucks voucher” ELM

“I won a bottle of Tanquery Rangpur gin” CM

“I just got notification today from an advent!” JR

“Missus won a crafting prize from a magazine” IM

“I won a Color wow root kit” VM

“ won £50 in the KitKat draw last week” JW

“I won these delivered today” CB

“I’ve won some hand sanitizer” MW

“I've won some tea” PC

“Won 30pkts raisins that’s my valentines gift sorted !!” PW

“I've won some coffee and a thermal mug, not very romantic.” EN

“I won a much needed calendar” ML

“I've won for comping friends that I've tagged” AS

“i won this last week for a comping friend” LS

“I won a £30 voucher with Pavers” SH

“I won a lovely cat necklace.....on the Advents” ML

“A comping friend won 5 of us some skin products” CJT

“i have won things for my son when i,ve nominated him” TD

“ won a beauty product for a friend” SA

“Tagged a friend last year and won a box of horse licks each.” PW

“I won a ninja multi cooker ” SM

“I won an Antler case” KC

“I won a weird fish rugby shirt 2 days ago” RH

“Won this on this on Instagram on Monday” PR

“i've won a wrendale water bottle. It was a fb comp” CL

“Lesley's in it for the fun as well as the win!” LB

“I got £50 last week from the sun Arroword” AT

“I won a board game woohoo!” NC

“I won 2500 Virgin Red points! ” VM

“won today a north face coat” CH

“ I have won a lovely hand drawn picture of my cats” AM

“I won a hand drone” MM

“I won an Umbro football bundle” FM

“Finally won two comps..first time since early Dec” PR

“ I bought a Heinz product to win £1000 of Morrison's vouchers” CJT

“£5 Amazon voucher....That's my 4th win this year” JR

“My first win. A pack of tarot cards” THJ

“Don't like showing my knickers, but I did win these ones” CB

“ 2 prizes this year.....I love it” AM

“ my niece.....won on the first one she entered” MD

“I won a signed copy of The Little Library Christmas Book” VM

“won a book and an code for the new film ” LM

“I won a craft bundle” JP

“I won a pass the pugs game ” ST

“A Candle gift box .. first win of the year” CL

“I won a teepee party for my grandson ” MM

“First win of 2021, traybakes off insta ” AT

“Facebook win - 2 tickets to Classic Ibiza at Brighton Racecourse” TS

“Won the heart radio holiday competition” KKH

“ just had an email to say I've won a chair” KM

“A comping convert!” MW

“I have won £250 before from a survey” ELM

“I do a lot of surveys, I've won £40 Pizza Hut vouchers” JW

“I won £100 from the Voice Box” VM

“I've had 2 small wins” JR

“I have won £150 worth of Crown paint” SM

“I won a £50 searcys voucher” YB

“I’ve won a 2 night stay in a posh hotel in London” JB

“Won a beauty by zero pamper hamper on Insta” CJT

“two wins, one on Jan first a £20 saddlery voucher ” VH

“I won some goodies from Real Foods” PB

“2 wins this week” ML

“I've won a dress for my granddaughter” CB

“won a £30 Teenage Choice Gift Card” TS

“I won some Harry Potter goodies” MA

“Some moisturizers and a haircare hamper from Advents” KKH

“! won a luxury teapot and a selection of healing teabags” DH

“best Advents ever - over £900 of prizes” TS

“the best advent win was £50 Tesco voucher” SC

“3 wins this year in the advents” VH

“Won my first prize today. A voucher towards a cycling holiday” SH

“won x2 soft toy reindeers” JW

“I’ve won cans of cocktails. That will be 3 things I’ve won this year!” JM

“Today I won a bottle of whisky signed by David Beckham” SLT

“I won a £50 voucher from an advent comp” AJC

“23 wins so far in December” JJS

“Won a pair of dublin boots” CWP

“Finally won my first ever Advent comp - £10 Costa voucher x” AS

“Just won a 55” tv today on Instagram!” TS

“ I have just won some Lego” CS

“Won my first one today, so chuffed as I never win anything ” JR

“I’ve won a sack of bath goodies” SM

“Won some Austrian red wine” MW

“ I won 10 free drinks at rewind festival” JM

“Won a book and a new riding hat” VH

“3 separate wins so far” ELM

“Won my first on Monday” LJ

“Ive won some tinned tomatoes” JM

“I won one, it was some chocolates” SLT

“Second win today. A France calendar. Delighted!” AD

“Two more advent wins yesterday”

“have won one bundle of body products” TVT

“Won 2 teddies” NA

“Won a stork cook book!” PM

“won some swin nappies yesturday” TD

“won some decorating tools” JW

“First win for months, a years subscription to Saga Magazine” VM

“I've won jewellery from Argyll Sea Glass” TS

“i had another win today too from the cif advent” TD

“Two advent wins....” JR

“Finally had my first advent win today” CM

“won my first prize today. Well the dog did” LTP

“I won my 3rd today a Harry Potter magical capsule” CM

“I won a cat tunnel today. My cats are very pleased” CM

“I won the pound stretcher comp on Instagram” LW

“I’ve won 2 as well” TL

“Won a Christmas jumper x” DS

“I have just had my second advent win” SA

“Only 1 advent so far some kilner jars” ST

“No advent wins but greeta hamper from good housekeeping today” AT

“Won 1 A £50 Amazon GIft Card yesterday” SA

“ I've won a pair of gloves and a gardening club subscription” TS

“ I won a travel mug. It's a start” JR

“Won photo shoot yesterday” ADJ

“So far I’ve won a 2 night hotel stay for 2 and then some dog treats.” ELM

“I won some dog treats for a friend and a calendar” CF

“A Christmas pudding, Cranberry sauce and goose fat from one comp” KM

“A xmas jumper. So far.” MA

“i,ve won a wireless phone charger” TD

“I won a vegan chocolate advent calendar” JW

“ive also just found out ive won b&o h95 headphones so so happy” CH

“ I have won a Samsung 55inch smart 4K UHD Curved TV” M

“Won a tasting menu in York” AD

“Won three night holiday at Skegness last night” PC

“Heard yesterday I had won a tea/coffee/chocolate hamper” SD

“Had first advent win yesterday. £10 patisserie valerie voucher!” KL

“I did win a couples pass to national heritage” LM

“Had 6 prizes already” TS

“I’ve won a jacket” MW

“I've won a pair of Dubarry boots worth £260” DR

“I won a crop top from runderwear” BW

“Last week I won £40 Chili TV voucher and £100 Tesco giftcard” AB

“I had a win today! First since aug! A selection of traybakes” AT

“I have won a break for my daughter” JP

“I won a Rohan men's T-Shirt” PB

“I won a stay in Dublin and €50 euros” YB

“I won a beehive” JA

“I've won a novel and a cheque for £50” TS

“Lockdown win - a £50 Amazon voucher ” EM

“I've won £50 from the Sun crossword comp” KW

“I won a voucher for £150” AC

“I had won £25 from Real People Magazine” JB

“I've just had the 2 wins” GP

“A great double win for Sandie” SM

“I won tickets to watch Wales in the rugby” SM

“Michelle's inspiring comping journey” ME

“I had won two lamps totalling over £500” GJ

“I have just re-joined!” CF

“February saw the first winnings” DT

“Marc's big tech win, one of our early Letters winners” Marc

“I won a bathboard” PB

“I won a bottle of whisky” SD

“I won Place on a Music Production Studio Training day” TD

“I won a Lindt Easter egg ” TS