Internet Competitions

One of the questions our editorial team get asked the most is 'do people win internet competitions?'

The answer is yes, they do. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about entering internet competitions.

Q) What are my chances of winning on internet competitions?

Most competitions on the internet are free to enter, and are very quick and easy. So naturally there will be a higher number of entries. You need to enter at least 100 competitions a week on the internet as well as your postcard/plain paper entries to start winning prizes. It is all about statistics, up your entries and up your chances of winning.Simply Prizes has great online competitions that you will be able to click on a link on the page and go straight to the competition. No searching around hundreds of websites and you know they will be quality competitions with great prizes! Our team do their best to unearth some absolute gems from obscure websites that will have fewer visitors (thus less comp entries and more chance for you to win).

Q) Am I likely to get lots of junk mail come into my inbox after entering email competitions?

You should expect to get extra emails through entering competition online and this is all part of comping. Competitions are the website promoter’s tool to gather your name and email address to get in contact with you in the future. However, know that you can always unsubscribe to company emails you don’t wish to receive by looking for the unsubscribe link on the page.

A good way to separate these emails from your other mail is to start your own comping email address, and keep your comping totally separate.

Q) How do I set up my own email comping account?

Setting up a comping email account is a great way to keep tabs on the competitions that you have entered, keep your regular inbox free form extra mail and of course spot the winning email even more quickly when it comes into your email account!

 Q) But what about filling in all those forms online, won't that take ages?

Entering internet competitions is so much faster and easier than traditional postal competitions. You can speed up the time it takes to enter online forms with this handy tool. Roboform will automatically complete all of your online forms for you. Click here to find out more