Postcard and plain paper entries

Q) Is there an optimum time to send in postcard and plain paper entries, i.e. closer to the end of the competition - or does it not matter?

A) As long as you get your entry in before the closing date there should be no difference to your chances of winning. If you are sending your entries by second-class post then make sure you leave at least three working days for your entry to get there.

I know many compers who send their entries in near the start of a competition (hoping that if a post bag is tipped up their entries will be on the top) and have won! But, equally, I know many successful winners who send their entries in very near to the closing date (hoping that their entries will be on the top of the pile).  So, as long as your entry is in on time, you can win!

Q) What kind of postcards should I use to increase my chances of winning?

Good quality, and good value postcards will increase your chances of winning. You don’t want your cards to get bent in the post and the better value – the more you can buy and the more comps you can enter! The Postcard Store offer fantastic value on bright, eye-catching designs that could make your entries stand out to the judges. You can feel positive as you send off your entry on a colourful, quality postcard. Plus, they now have fantastic bright envelopes too, perfect for sending in your plain paper entries.

Q) How can I prevent my postcard entries from being returned to my own address?

A) ‘Boomerang postcards’ as I like to call them, are sometimes returned to you because your own address details are read by the post office sorting machine as the correct mailing address.

To combat this, turn your postcard 90 degrees and write your address diagonally across the postcard (thus avoiding the natural line of the scanner). To make extra sure your postcards are not returned to you, write your own postcode before your county. The sorting machine will not be able to recognise this as a valid address, and your post will be sorted by hand – a real person is more likely to recognise that it is a competition entry and NOT return it to you!

Q) Can I use address stickers/labels on postcard and plain paper entries?

A) Yes, as they are clear and easy to read. I have never known an entry to be disqualified because it was not written by hand. If the terms and conditions express ‘hand-written only’, then obviously abide by this.

Q) When I enter competitions on plain paper, does it matter what size piece of paper I use? Can you use lined or coloured paper?

A) It should make no difference as long as your details are clear and easy to read. Always print in BLOCK CAPITALS so there is no difficulty in reading your handwriting. A pad of A5 stationary paper is useful, when you are entering comps every week.

Q) Are there any benefits to sending my competition entries by Recorded Delivery?

A) With simple prize draw entries (postcard, or plain paper) I do not believe it is worth the money you would spend on recorded delivery – especially if you are entering up to 100 comps a week!