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Hi, my name's Sammy and I'm the Editor of Simply Prizes magazine. Every week I'll be bringing you an update or two about any interesting competitions I find or any comping news. Plus I'll bring you any competitions or offers I find.

Come on over to Instagram!


I’ve had a couple of pretty good weeks comping; and a lot of my prizes have come from Instagram including a case of wine and over £100 worth of beauty products. Both of those prizes came from me simply following the promoter’s page and leaving a comment and a like! Pretty easy right? And chatting to you guys on our Facebook page it seems as though many of you want to give Instagram a go but need a bit of a guide. So keep an eye on our website over the coming weeks when I will be adding a ‘how to comp on Instagram’. In the meantime if you are new to it then follow my page; just search @sammyfairman and I’ll give you a follow back too!


Also, feel free to drop me an email (info@oxonpress.co.uk) or message/post on our Facebook page with anything that you’d like me to include in the guide; such as how to ‘regram’ or how to ‘tag’ a fellow comper.


Make sure to download the app via your mobile device if you haven’t already and start getting a feel for it. Sometimes just having a play and looking through the navigation icons can be as good a starting point as any. Then you’ll be raring to go and the guide will be a lot easier to understand.


And start taking photos; lots of them! And get ready to upload. You will need to post regularly with ‘personal’ stuff and not just use it as a comping platform in order to not been seen as spam!


So I’ll see you over on Instagram this weekend! Just a quick tip; you can view the app via your desktop but you won’t be able to upload any pics – that will need to be done from your mobile device!


Have fun! And have a great weekend!


Sammy x