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Google Social Searcher – finding those wins!



It can sometimes be easy to miss your name in a winning notification on Facebook; it may be the promoter contacted you with a message that went into your ‘message request/other’ folder, or they tagged you, or simply put your name in a status – whatever they did it can slip through the net and be missed by you.


Take a look at Google Social Search; this is a really easy way to check if your name comes up in any winning posts. It isn’t a sure fire way of ensuring you don’t miss a win, but it really does give you a helping hand!


You’ll find a search bar at the top and beneath that, logos for social media pages. I usually only search Facebook but that is purely because I do most of my social media comping that way.


There are several ways to search your name – I normally search with – Congratulations “Sammy Fairman” OR Well done “Sammy Fairman” OR Winner “Sammy Fairman”.


This will then bring up several pages of posts. It’s best to change the search to date order from relevance in the tab to the top right above the posts. This will ensure it brings up the newest posts first. And I normally try to do a search every week to 10 days to help me not ‘miss a win’!


Take a look at my most recent video on how I search my name and be sure to let me know if you find out about any ‘new’ wins! Good luck all!


Sammy x