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Falling back in love with comping!



It’s fairly easy to fall in and out of love with comping; I know I have a pretty tough love/hate relationship with this hobby of mine at times! Often if I’ve had a dry spell or a month of comping mayhem (like the Christmas advent comps) I can almost feel like giving up! But then I have to remind myself that it is only a hobby and one that rewards me in ways other pastimes couldn’t.


So here are my top tips if you’re feeling like throwing in the towel;


  • Have a break – you might only want to take a few days off or you might want a whole month off. But, if you feel that you’re getting stressed at entering comps – stop! It’s a hobby and it’s meant to be fun. You’ll soon start getting itchy fingers to get back on the computer with a renewed vigour.
  • Look back over past wins – I find keeping a scrap book of photos from prizes, a folder of winning letters and comp slips and a separate email folder of WEM’s helps to keep the magic alive! Often you can forget how a win feels but look back through your memories and you’ll soon get the buzz again.
  • Pace yourself and be selective. Set aside time for your hobby, just as you would with going to the gym for example and enter for things that you want or could gift to someone; rather than for things that are of no use to you! Pointless winning a year’s supply of dog food if you don’t have a dog, right?!
  • Make a wish-list – this is a great way of organising your comping and focusing your energy on winning prizes that you really want. A wish-list doesn’t have to include expensive items, just things that would benefit you if you won them.
  • Search out local comps or others that have low entry (like creative ones); it only takes one win to get you back on track and these sort offer higher chances of scooping the prize than your standard prize draw.
  • Chat to other compers and seek encouragement. We have a lovely community feel on our Simply Prizes Facebook page and it’s a great place to ask advice or just have a chat.


And don’t forget you can always contact me personally for advice or help via our Facebook page or email – info@oxonpress.co.uk.


Sammy x