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Uh oh…Walkers ‘Spell and Go’ hits trouble!


Hands up if you’ve been religiously entering the Walkers spell and go competition? I know I have and I also know that if I fancy a packet of crisps I’ll buy some Walkers in the hope that the letters C, D or K might pop up! They seem to be the letters that most people are waiting for.


However, some compers believe that the promotion is being run unfairly and have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) who has now launched an investigation into the claims.


Now although I haven’t won I have actually heard of some compers that have; one of which actually posted on the Simply Prizes Facebook page. So is this just sour grapes or a real justified complaint? I’ll be keeping an eye on the outcome but would love to know what you all think. Let me know either via our Facebook page or email me at info@oxonpress.co.uk with Walkers in the subject line.


Sammy x