Telephone and text entries

Q) How do you find out the cost of the call when you enter a competition by telephone?

The terms and conditions of a competition should always state how much a call should cost per minute and how many minutes you will be on the line. We always state the cost of a call in Coffee Break Winner,and Simply Prizes and never include competitions that will cost you more than £3.00 in total to enter. If you are unsure of the cost of the call, BT’s website will give you the cost of specific codes in the UK. Look out for numbers with the prefix ‘0800’, ’0500’ or ‘0632’ as they are free!

Q) Many competition entries require a daytime telephone number. If you are ex-directory will you be disqualified for not including your telephone number?

You should not be disqualified for being ‘Ex-Directory’ as long as there are ways to contact you.

If you are Ex-Directory and prefer not to give your home number you can give a mobile phone number instead (or ask a friend to use their number if you do not have one) or write on your entry ‘Ex-Directory’ and offer an alternative means of contact that is quick, i.e. email address.

If you don’t want to give your phone number because you are worried about receiving follow-up correspondence from the promoter or other related parties on the telephone, look for the option to opt out of further correspondence. This should appear in the form of a tick box on entry forms and web pages. On postcard or plain paper entries, write’ No further correspondence’ after your details.