Twitter and Facebook competitions

Q) How I enter a competition on Twitter?

Most Twitter competitions will require you to 'follow and RT' to enter. To follow a promoter, simply visit their page and click on the Follow button, usually indicated by a green arrow. To RT a competition tweet, look below the message for the circular arrows and click – then you're all done!

The most important thing to do is read what the promoter is asking you – some may place restrictions on how many times you can RT, and should also let you know when the draw is being made.

Remember to RT ONLY the messages from the promoter themselves – RTing from another compers page will only re-enter them!

If you have won a prize on Twitter, the promoter will usually contact you using an @ reply. You may be alerted to this by a text message or e-mail, depending on your preferences. Promoters can only contact you via direct messaging if you are both following each other!

Q) How do I enter a competition on Facebook?

The first step to most Facebook competitions is 'liking' their page – you can do this by clicking the 'Like' button next to the page heading.

Liking the page can reveal at entry form, from which you enter the competition as usual. However, there is often other activities you might be asked to do:

Share a page/post: Click the 'Share' button on an image or link, so that it is shared with all your friends and followers on Facebook

Tag a photo: Hit the 'tag' button and then add your name to an image in a promoter's album. Be aware that other Facebook members will be able to see these too! Often promoters will fill an album with similar pictures, as there is a limit to the number of tags that can be placed on each photo.

Tag a promoter in your status: Change your status in Facebook as normal, but add the company's tag by pressing @ and then the company's name, ie @SonyTV. A drop down box will usually appear displaying the company's name.

Keep an eye on your newsfeed, as most Twitter winners are announced on the promoter's Facebook page! However, it is customary to follow up the announcement with an inbox message. If you have completed a form to enter the competition, they may also have a phone number or e-mail address to contact you as well.