Win a luxury trip to New York

We always joke about comping taking you places - but what if it could whisk you straight from your home this morning to an exotic destination in less than 24 hours? That's what happened to lucky comper Sarah Meir when she entered a competition with Absolute Radio to win a luxury trip to New York - that day!

"After about a year of comping, I was beginning to feel very downhearted about my lack of wins and thinking I was going to be one of the unlucky that never wins anything," said Sarah, "But all that changed in early April."

"First, I won two tickets to see Pink at the Birmingham NIA with our own private box (amazing!), followed by a phone call from Absolute Radio to say that I had been selected to take part in their Dream Destination competition."

In order to enter, Sarah had registered online with a snappy slogan in the hopes that she'd get chosen to compete for the amazing prize of a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

"I entered online with the slogan 'Monday to Friday can be such a drag - if Absolute Radio call, I'll be ready with my bag!'

"My boyfriend and I had to travel down to London (with an all-expenses paid overnight stay!) to take part in the radio show.

"Another potential winner had also been chosen and we had to take part in a live on-air challenge. The competition was shopping based and we were given a list of five items that we had to go onto the streets of London and obtain. We had to find four bacon sandwiches, a bagel, a bottle of Glaceau Vitamin Water (they were sponsoring the competition), a tourist souvenir and a human. Sounds easy enough, but we had no money so literally had to beg/borrow/plead to get the items! Luckily I managed to obtain all five and won the prize!"

There was no time to hang around though - the prize started that day! Luckily Sarah and her boyfriend had kept their suitcases packed and were ready to go.

"We were taken straight from the radio station to Heathrow Airport and flew to New York that afternoon! All the transfers were included and we stayed on the 17th floor of a fantastic four-star hotel - one block away from Central Park!

"Also included in the prize was a helicopter trip around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, entry tickets to the Empire State Building and £1,000 of spending money. We could have taken advantage of a personal shopper in Bloomingdales, but chose not to as we didn't want to feel under pressure to spend up all in one store. As well as the arranged activities, we found time to visit Broadway, Time Square, plenty of great shopping streets, China Town, Wall Street and Ground Zero."

"We returned home from our four night stay exhausted from all the walking and sight seeing, but truly thrilled at having had the holiday of a lifetime, courtesy of comping. One of the highlights for me was a trip to Tiffany's, where I treated myself to a beautiful bracelet."

Sarah's story just goes to show that it's worth entering the comps that other people might not - if you can drop everything and jet off for a few days, why not do it? Especially if comping is footing the bill.

"This win has renewed my enthusiasm for comping and I can't wait for the next win!"


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