We won the ultimate trip

For these four friends from Kent, this is a trip of a lifetime; something that they have always wanted to do, but never imagined doing in such fabulous style!

At the end of July they will start their two-month holiday, an awesome adventure in eight different countries in two months!

When Sarah Rutherford entered the STA Travel 'Ultimate Trip' competition on their website she never imagined that two months later she'd be spending the day in the STA Travel main office in Holburn London, booking the itinery for a two-month trip around the world with three friends.

They will certainly have amazing adventures, travelling from the UK to Fiji, America, Thailand, Australia, Mayalsia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and back to the UK again.

Picking three friends to go with her wasn't easy for Sarah. Her brother admitted he thought his chances were shot as they'd had an argument that morning! Obviously many people would love to join her, but seems that brother James, Iain and Lindsay are perfect travelling buddies and as I met them all at STA Travel a couple of weeks ago, they all were excited and raring to go!

The Prize is worth £20,000

All travel and spending money is included in their prize and fabulous experiences at each destination. The whole prize is worth £20,000!

I couldn't establish which part of the prize they were most excited about, the cookery course in Thailand, diving lessons in Australia, the bungee jump in New Zealand, or, even the £200 shopping spree before they left! 
That day they'd been given a starter pack of a mini iPod, a Nikon Coolpix digtal camera, a back pack, Lonely Planet guides to all eight countries and £200 to go and spend!

I left an excited bunch with a STA T-shirts on their backs and armful of goodies and a plan to go and do some serious shopping for the rest of the day. Not without getting some good photos first though!

STA Competitions for YOU to enter

Sarah spotted The Ultimate Trip competition on the STA website: www.statravel.co.uk, entered and put it to the back of her mind. What a surprise when she got a voice mail asking her to ring STA, about something quite important!!!!


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